Kandagawa Jet Girls (Episode 8) – The Great Nyu-Nyu

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Rin and Misa bump into Yuzu and Manatsu who are about to go hunting for Nyu-Nyu. They are somehow convinced to join them, but Misa has some regrets once she finds out where they are headed!

Kandagawa Jet Girls (Episode 8) – The Great Nyu-Nyu

What happened?

Rin and Misa were headed out to do some shopping when they bumped into Yuzu and Manatsu about to get on a small boat in the Kandagawa. They told them they were going to search for Nyu-Nyu as it would give them a big boost in social media followers and apparently it can grant wishes… Misa is sceptical, but Rin is all in and therefore so is Misa. They venture into the underground tunnels that form part of the Kandagawa much to Misa’s disappointment. Rin comforts her, but Yuzu and Manatsu take great pleasure in teasing her. That was until they were chance by loads and loads of rats.

They emerged from the underground waterway into someone’s shrine. Surprised to see four girls climb out of the ground, the maiden that cared for the shrine offered them a bath. She also prepared them a hot meal and cleaned their clothes. Everyone was grateful, but then the maiden warned them about searching for Nyu-Nyu and how it would only bring them bad fortune. That seemed to be enough for everyone, however, Rin struggled with some memories of her mother that resurfaced. She asked Misa if she could sleep in her bed with her, but Misa was uncomfortable with the idea. The next day, Rin returned to the shrine and asked to pray for help.

Kandagawa Jet Girls Episode 8 Yuzu Midorikawa Manatsu Shiraishi Rin Namiki and Misa Aoi searching for Nyu Nyu

What did you think?

No jet racing again in this episode, but I think you’ll agree that there was plenty more to keep us entertained. I love the episodes with Yuzu and Manatsu as I think they bring a fun dynamic to the group and are a more natural fit with Misa and Rin than Emily and Jennifer. The way they teased Misa was funny and Rin trying to comfort her was adorable. I like that Rin and Misa call each other by nicknames now. It shows how far their relationship has come.

I did feel sorry for Rin when she asked to sleep in Misa’s bed, but I also think she gave in too soon. It was clear that the idea caught Misa off guard and had Rin given her a moment to think about it she would have let her. I think she wanted to say something but as soon as Rin started climbing the ladder to the top bunk it would have been awkward. I love their relationship and just want them to be happy. Sometimes, I feel like Rin doesn’t accept that Misa is uncomfortable with things and pushes too hard, just like with the picture. Misa is growing as a character, but some things will always be too much. I’d like to see Rin realise that and compromise. Also, more bath scenes… that was nice!

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Episode highlights

Monster Hunting!

Bath Time!

Hot Food and Clean Clothes!

Painful Memories!

Praying for Strength!

Mid-episode Transition!

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