Kandagawa Jet Girls (Episode 1) – The Kandagawa is Calling

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Kandagawa Jet Girls Title 2

Rin Namaki has transferred to a school in Tokyo so that she can follow in her mother’s footsteps and become a jet racer. Life in the big city is quite the change, but jet racing is still jet racing!

Kandagawa Jet Girls (Episode 1) – The Kandagawa is Calling

What happened?

Rin idolised her mother, a famous jet racer. She even transferred to a school in Tokyo so that she could train on the most famous of courses – the Kandagawa River. However, Rin is from a small fishing village and life in the big city was quite the change of pace. It didn’t help that she was moving there so soon after her mother had died. This was her shot though and she had to take it.

After arriving at her new dorm, Rin was paired with Misa Aoi, a sullen first-year who appeared to have some history with the Kandagawa. Misa wanted nothing more than to be left alone, however, Rin felt quite attached to her and decided that they would be best friends. After school one day, Rin found Misa fishing in the Kandagawa and went to join her. That was until a group of students from another school told them to move. Misa got up and left, but Rin wasn’t about to budge. There’s only one way to settle this – a jet ski race!

Kandagawa Jet Girls Episode 1 Rin Namiki surprised

What did you think?

I had planned on watching Kandagawa Jet Girls when it aired, but I didn’t have a subscription to HiDive so I had to give it a miss. Well, I have a subscription now and to make things even better they now have the uncensored version. That’s right, we’re diving straight into things as they were intended. I’ve never played the game nor have I any idea what it’s about, but that didn’t stop me from enjoying this first episode. Sure, Rin is a little annoying, but you kind of get used to it. When I saw that the teams were made up of a pilot and a gunner, I was curious about what they were shooting at. Were there targets? Well, kind of. It would appear that the girls’ wetsuits are built so that they can take a couple of direct hits before unzipping themselves and falling away… Now, that is a twist I did not see coming! That’s quite the plot development!

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Episode highlights

Settling In!

Getting Ready to Race!

The Race!

Mid-episode Transition!

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