Kandagawa Jet Girls (Episode 11) – Rin Goes Home

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Rin is struggling to get any better and decides to go home. Maybe the answer will be there. Meanwhile, Misa trains with Fuuka and Inori and learns something about herself.

Kandagawa Jet Girls (Episode 11) – Rin Goes Home

What happened?

They qualified for the Kandagawa Cup and have the new part for their jet ski but it hasn’t done anything to improve their speed. It turns out that Rin is copying her mother’s style which isn’t compatible with the new jet skis. After some consideration, she decides to head home and search for advice. While there she visits her mother’s grave and bumps into Dina and Ziyu Pan who were there to pay respects to the person that inspired them – Rin’s mother. They talked about her and it set Rin back on her path.

While Rin was away, Misa bumped into Fuuka and Inori who were on their way to a training camp. They invited Misa to join them since she was training alone currently. She accepted and was surprised to find herself standing beneath an icy waterfall several times. Once training was done, she sat with Fuuka who told her about how she was most comfortable when racing and that had scared away all her previous partners. However, Inori accepted her. Misa realised that she needed to be more open with Rin if they were to perform as a team.

Kandagawa Jet Girls Episode 11 Rin Namiki goes home

What did you think?

This was a nice episode to drop right before the final race. Rin and Misa are both having doubts about their abilities and how they will attack the race. Rin realised that she needed to return to her roots and hope for an answer. I liked how they used Dina and Ziyu to effective pass on a message from beyond the grave. It reminded Rin of her mother and something she once said to her too. It was some great advice for just about everything. Copy those that you respect until you find your way and then push on as yourself.

I also enjoyed the way that Misa is learning more about herself from Fuuka. I’m not quite sure what that is yet because of the cliffhanger, but I am desperate to know. The constant double entendre and unclear statements from Fuuka and Inori make it impossible to tell if they’re talking about being “partners” or racing partners. Why not both? Anyhow, I’m excited for the last epsiode.

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Episode highlights

Misa’s Realisation!

Kandagawa Jet News!

The Rivalry!

Rin’s Realisation!

Training Camp!

Rin Remembers!

We Need to Talk!

Mid-episode Transition!

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