Magical Girl Apocalypse (Volume 11)

Magical Girl Apocalypse Volume 11 Cover

Having kidnapped Maria, Makabe Keito is ready to move on to the next phase of his experiment. He’s going to create a puppet that can wield the power of a demon, now that he has a way to control it!

Magical Girl Apocalypse (Volume 11)

What happened?

Kaede wakes to find that Maria has gone missing. She reports it to Shirokane who reveals to her in confidence that nine other researchers have gone missing. They had been keeping it quiet so as not to create a panic. Soon after Kaede is contacted by Tonoguya Yuuji, asking about Maria’s whereabouts. She tells him she may have been abducted and that it may have something to do with his research. As such, she wants to meet with him.

Meanwhile, Rintaro Akuta is planning on storming the Witch’s base in hopes of getting some answers. He takes his trusty sidekick and rushes inside. They don’t get far, however, as the Witch paralyzes them with her magic. She’s about to kill them when she discovers that Rintaro may be of some use to her. He can lead her to find out how Shirokane obtained the blood of a Magical Girl.

Magical Girl Apocalypse Volume 11 Makabe Keito transferring Marias magical core to Himeji Wataru

Maria managed to slip out of her restraints using her magic and tried to call for help. She got through to Kaede and told her where she was being held and what was going on. However, just as she was about to tell her who was behind it, Makabe hit her over the head. This forced him to move his plans forward, locking down the Wahre Liebe tower and hitting everyone inside with sleeping gas. Of course, he knew that Kaede would come so he prepared for that.

Rintaro led the Witch to Dr Fukumoto where they discovered that his wife was a Magical Girl and that their daughter was also one although she was hiding somewhere in the city. Kii had also been in contact with Dr Fukumoto to ask about Tsukune, but he told him that she left and made him promise not to tell anyone where she was, especially Kii.

Magical Girl Apocalypse Volume 11 Rintaro Akuta and his partner find the Witch

Kaede was also abducted outside the Wahre Leibe building while Tonoguya was distracted. He then found Kii and told him what was going on. They returned to the building and found Shirokane escaping. He was alive but drowsy from the sleeping gas. They left him in a car and went inside with gas masks on. They found the lab that Makabe had been using, but he had cleared out. He’d also set a bomb to destroy all the evidence. Kii and Tonoguya were caught in the blast, although they were miraculously saved. Kii believed it was Tsukune.

Makabe completed his experiment, placing Maria’s magical core inside of the new Himeji Wataru. With that power, he was able to manipulate time. They then kidnapped Kii and took him to Tsukune, using him as a hostage in order to get the last fragment of the ancient tome. Once they had it, Himeji killed Makabe so that he could complete the ritual. Tsukune grabbed Kii and disappeared, although Himeji managed to gather some of their blood before they vanished. In order to get the thirteenth Magical Girl he needed, he went back in time to make Kii and Tsukune get together and have a child. If that didn’t work, Pepe would unleash the Magical Girl Apocalypse!

Magical Girl Apocalypse Volume 11 Himeji Wataru killed Makabe Keito

What did you think?

This volume is not for the squeamish. Even more so than the first few volumes which are fairly gratuitous in their nature. This one, however, was horrific and terrifying watching Makabe treat Maria like a lab mouse. Being operated on by a manic is not something I’m keen on. It was even worse as well as I felt like Maria was a pretty nice person. I’m not saying that all the people that died in the first couple of volumes weren’t nice, but we didn’t spend enough time with them before they all died.

It had more of a thriller vibe to it as Kaede and Tonoguya and then Kii and Tonoguya raced against the clock to try to rescue Maria and then Maria and Kaede. I certainly struggled to put it down once I started which is always a good sign. This series really is compelling and it is getting better and better. These last three volumes have served almost as a flashback to the original future that led to the Magical Girl Apocalypse timeline. And now we’re back at the end of volume 8 once more when Himeji took Tsukune’s body back to the future… a new future in yet another timeline that also didn’t have a Magical Girl Apocalypse…

Magical Girl Apocalypse Volume 11 Sayano Kaede is dying

What have you learnt?

I do, however, have some issues with the story now. It’s been bugging me for a long time why it has to be Kii that has a child with Tsukune. Surely, anyone would do and if not, they really need to tell us why. They did make a point of saying that they couldn’t collect thirteen Magical Girls from the current generation, which would include Tsukune because one committed suicide. I’m assuming this must have been after having a child else there would still only be twelve possible (including Tsukune’s potential child).

So, maybe it doesn’t need to be Kii! Maybe, a guy with the ability to travel back in time should have just gone back far enough to grab the Magical Girl that committed suicide before she did that and then easily harvest the other twelve already existing Magical Girls from that generation, Tsukune included. This feels like a pretty big plot hole. It was already a pretty crazy plan to use the Magical Girl Apocalypse to force Kii and Tsukune together, but not as crazy as the fact that it could have been completely avoided and Himeji could have completed his mission without even worrying about getting Tsukune and Kii to have a child together for some reason… This is one of the perils of using such unrestricted time travel in your series. If it’s not perfect, you leave yourself open to plot holes.

Magical Girl Apocalypse Volume 11 Makabe Keito transferred Marias magical core to Himeji Wataru

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