Magical Girl Apocalypse (Volume 14)

Magical Girl Apocalypse Volume 14 Cover

The helicopter makes it through the wormhole.. just! How will they get inside the Wahre Liebe tower to stop Himeji? Luckily, they bump into Shinobu who is prepared to lend them a hand. Is this the end?

Magical Girl Apocalypse (Volume 14)

What happened?

The wormhole closed seconds after the helicopter emerged in the future, however, they were pointed straight down and headed for a massive tower block. Ashiya manages to steer away and just about lands as the helicopter has also run out of fuel. They discover that the alternate Magical Girls who couldn’t go through the wormhole have begun to attack the citizens of the future.

Regardless, they still need to find Himeji quickly. They bump into Shinobu who is a little suspicious of them, to begin with, but upon seeing Rintaro Akuta, he believes their story. He tells them that Himeji is in the tower and so is the Rintaro from that time. Once Lolo and Coco take over the alternate Magical Girl killing mission, Shinobu transports them all inside the tower. They soon learn that they have only seconds to complete the mission.

Magical Girl Apocalypse Volume 14 The Race to kill Himeji

Attacking as a group and with the power of Shinobu, they defeat Pepe and destroy Himeji. They’ve won, but something doesn’t quite seem right. Future Kii is about to kill Himeji once and for all when Tonoguya notices that Maria is Pepe. He demands to know why she was wearing the mask. Himeji tells him how Makabe had transferred her core to him and left her as a husk of a person, so he gave her a personality and made her his puppet.

Kii has heard enough and goes to drive his sword into Himeji’s head when a blinding light fills the room. Shinobu screams for them to get away from him. It would appear that Maria’s core is no longer subduing the demon inside him and he’s lost control again. The Witch teleports everyone she can away from the tower, including the remains of Himeji. However, she couldn’t transport everyone.

Magical Girl Apocalypse Volume 14 Sayano Kaede and Kogami Kii

Tsukune watched the city falling to pieces with Raile Muroku, the Exorcist, begging him to do something to intervene, but he doesn’t care. If anything, he believes the end of the Magical Girls would be a good thing for this universe.

Kii and Tonoguya can’t believe they went through all that and will still lose everything. The Witch has a solution, but they aren’t going to like it. She will need to heal Himeji so that he can turn back time on Shinobu, sealing the demon in once more, but that also means healing Himeji… With no other choice, they agree to let her do it, however, it’s too late to stop Shinobu as space and time collapse around him. They can use this as a way to jump to the alternate world where another Himeji is about to perform the ritual.

Magical Girl Apocalypse Volume 14 The Team Up

What did you think?

I picked up this book with the intent of just checking out a few pages to see where it’s going. It was already late, but I just wanted to have a peek. Well, forty minutes later, I had finished this volume and holy crap was it intense. I loved the countdown to Himeji being revived and the way the manga flew through the panels in a matter of seconds as they tried to stop him.

I think the scene between Akuta and Miu was incredible and I am gutted that she has died. I love that it’s lit a fire in Akuta and he’s prepared to combine with Hana-chan to get his revenge. He’s still a lecherous pervert, but he has been a fascinating character. I do have one thing to say here and that’s whether Miu needed to sacrifice herself to save him. His body is pumped up on Magical Girl DNA so he likely would have survived anyhow. I hope her sacrifice wasn’t for nothing. This series is amazing.

Magical Girl Apocalypse Volume 14 Rintaro Akuta and Miu

What have you learnt?

I should just point out that I completely missed the moment that Himeji took Kii and Tsukune to the future. I knew he took Tsukune, but not Kii so my wondering where he was since the end of volume 8 is due to me missing that. I think it would have been more obvious had someone made a big deal that Kii and Tsukune were gone when they woke.

All right, now it’s time to talk about time travel again. My understanding of parallel worlds is that if you want to stop someone from existing in one parallel world, you would need to kill them before the timelines splintered. So, killing Himeji in this timeline would have no impact on the other Himeji. I think I could have accepted it had we seen someone’s previous self die and they then disappear. I thought they were going for that when they hurt Ren in the past, but nothing came of it.

Another thing that is utterly frustrating, although I still do love this series, is that none of this needed to happen. Himeji could have just gone back and kidnapped Tsukune and Kii, taken them back to the future and manufactured their child. The entire Magical Girl Apocalypse was pointless. If anything, it probably caused him more trouble as everyone rallied together to fight him.

I’m also completely at a loss for them teaming up with Himeji to stop the other Himeji. After everything Himeji did, you’re just going to all be friends again??? The power of friendship in anime and manga is out of control. Ironically, in a story about Magical Girls, time travel, and zombies, this is the least believable aspect so far. Sorry, but I do still love this series.

Magical Girl Apocalypse Volume 14 Rintaro Akuta kisses Miu

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