Magical Girl Apocalypse (Volume 2)

Magical Girl Apocalypse Volume 2 Cover

Desperate for somewhere to hide from the madness that is the Magical Girl apocalypse, they run into a mall and may have just made things worse! Will they get out of this alive?

Magical Girl Apocalypse (Volume 2)

What happened?

Kaede was acting weird as they entered the mall, but they thought nothing of it as they were faced with another nightmarish scenario. What looked like a cop with his pants down and a gun in his hand greeted them. That was when they noticed the two semi-clothed girls lying on the ground. He demanded that Yoruka take her clothes off or even Tsukune. He had no interest in Kaede or Miki. He even offered to let Kii get sloppy seconds if he stayed out of the way.

Miki tried to charge him, but he shot her in the leg. Luckily, that sound brought another person their way and he quickly knocked out the cop with a shovel. He was Kushiro Ren, a medical student. He looked at Miki’s leg and asked someone to get him some medical supplies from the pharmacy. Kaede ran off, but as she gather the things, her face contorted as a Magical Girl tried to take control. That was when a lost little girl appeared. The Magical Girl decided she would be a better host and jumped bodies.

Magical Girl Apocalypse Volume 2 Kushiro Ren Hanzawa Yoruka Kogami Kii and Fukumoto Tsukune watching Helicopters fly overhead

Kaede returned with the supplies and the little girl, Miu. Ren took them to meet the other survivors and said that there was another with the same uniform as them. Everyone appeared to be in a state of shock. The student was Himeji, the deaf kid from their class. Luckily, Tsukune could speak some sign language. Suddenly, the air was full with the sound of helicopters. Kii, Tsukune, Ren, and Yoruka raced to the rooftops and saw several SDF helicopters fly overhead. They weren’t coming for them.

They went back inside to the sound of screams and a terrified Himeji running towards them. Kaede and Miki followed yelling about Miu, calling her a demon. They returned to the food court to find it littered with bodies and Miu yelling as she murdered the last of the survivors. A strange growth appeared on her head which soon became a Magical Girl head. It ran after them and then in front of them, before turning and punching Miki’s head clean off!

Magical Girl Apocalypse Volume 2 Kushiro Ren Hanzawa Yoruka Himeji Kogami Kii Fukumoto Tsukune and Sayano Kaede shocked

Ren tried to shoot it with the rapey cop’s gun, but he wasn’t any good with it. As much as it pained them, they needed someone that could use a gun. He didn’t seem too keen to help but then he saw the Magical Girl and fired. It caught the bullet with its eyelids, winking at them. Kii came up with a plan, luring it into the bathrooms where they tasered it and then shot. They tried to get some information out of it, but it was all very vague and confusing. As a last resort, the Magical Girl left Miu’s body but Rintaru caught it like a mosquito.

It died when its magic wand broke. Also, none of the people it killed came back either. That appeared to be their weakness. Of course, that was when a kaiju sized Magical Girl appeared and stomped through the neighbourhood. They were split up. Yoruka, Ren, and Tsukune ran to the hospital, but Kii, Himeji, Rintaru, and Kaede were stuck on the roof. Another Magical Girl appeared as Kaede was trying to tell Kii something about Tsukune. It zapped them all with its wand, leaving two cloaked strangers to ponder this latest development. Where had they gone? Were they dead?

Magical Girl Apocalypse Volume 2 Hanzawa Yoruka beheads Magical Girl zombie to save Kushiro Ren

What did you think?

After the first volume which was just pure chaos, things have started to settle down… Well, it’s not as chaotic. We meet Akuta Rintaro for the first time and are very quickly aware that this guy is utter trash. He’s literally the worst possible person to meet in an apocalyptic setting. Luckily, he gets whacked with a shovel, tasered a couple of times, and Yoruka stomps on his junk. However, the real developments are from the parasite Magical Girl. Why couldn’t it bond with Kaede? Why did it refer to Rintaro as the irregular? What is the Magical Girl Apocalypse Project and who is behind it and why?

Of course, that’s only scratching the surface. There’s a lot more going on and the clues are subtle. This series is incredible. It’s dark and horrific and isn’t afraid to deal with any subject. If you’re into horror and want an interesting story then this is the series for you. It may seem like it’s just a splatterfest but I promise you it’s not and the next volume will show just how things are going to change. It’s worth noting that things continue to escalate from there.

Magical Girl Apocalypse Volume 2 Hanzawa Yoruka tasers Parasite Magical Girl

What have you learnt?

One thing this series does is that it often tries to make you feel a certain way about a character from their first appearance and then slowly change that perception. It’s an interesting idea and it makes you constantly second guess what’s going on and what people’s intentions are. Well, other than Rintaru. He’s human garbage and I don’t believe for a second we’ll come out of this liking the guy. At least, I hope I’m not wrong.

With Rintaru, I think it went too far too soon and it makes him almost irredeemable. You want to be careful not to make them too unlikeable, even if that’s what you’re going for. The last thing you want is for the audience to walk away before you get the chance to allow the character to develop. Kaede is an example of how this has been done well. Sure, she’s not fully shown us why she was bullying Tsukune, but something doesn’t feel right. Of course, some characters are simply assholes. Glances at Rintaro.

Magical Girl Apocalypse Volume 2 Mysterious figures watching over the apocalyse

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