Kandagawa Jet Girls (Episode 6) – What they Lack

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Kandagawa Jet Girls Title 2

Rin and Misa struggle in their race with the Hell’s Kitchen team and it puts Rin into a funk. Misa tries to cheer her up by taking her out for the day, but they end up walking into another competition!

Kandagawa Jet Girls (Episode 6) – What they Lack

What happened?

The Hell’s Kitchen team got off to a great start and no matter what Rin did she couldn’t catch up. It was a crushing defeat and it weighed heavily on Rin. Misa decided that she would take Rin to Asukasa again as the last time they got separated and didn’t get to see all the things Misa had planned. Not long after arriving though, they bumped into the two girls that took a picture with Rin last time just before she got lost. It turned out they were racers too – the infamous Gyaru racers.

They didn’t appreciate Misa’s tone with them and that meant just one thing, they would need to settle this with a contest. You know what that means, right? Wrong! Yuzu and Manatsu took them to the waterpark where they competed in numerous water-based games. Emily Orange and Jennifer Peach even showed up and offered some feedback after the final game. They just weren’t communicating well as a team which makes sense considering how closed off Misa is. However, it turns out that Rin hasn’t been completely open either. They take their first step to correcting this by exchanging phone numbers.

Kandagawa Jet Girls Episode 6 Yuzu Midorikawa and Manatsu Shiraishi defeat Rin Namiki and Misa Aoi basketball

What did you think?

They got me! I was completely expecting another jet race to resolve their dispute, but I couldn’t have been more pleased with the outcome. This series is already based in the water with bikinis so I wasn’t expecting a beach style episode, but that’s what we got and it was hilarious. Yuzu and Manatsu were a formidable team and I’ve had a soft spot for Gyaru ever since I watched My First Girlfriend is a Gal. I’m also glad that it switched from the Hell’s Kitchen team as they are my least favourite group so far. It’s always nice to see Emily Orange and Jennifer Peach again, especially in the bathhouse, and even more especially in the massage chair. This series is amazing!

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Episode highlights

Hell’s Kitchen!


Return to Asukasa!

There’s only one way to resolve this!

Final Round!

Let’s Talk!

Mid-episode Transition!

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