Kandagawa Jet Girls (Episode 12) – Our Jet Race

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It’s the big day. The Kandagawa Cup is now. Will Rin and Misa come out on top, and what did they talk about on the bridge? All that training and it comes down to this. Let’s get it on!!!

Kandagawa Jet Girls (Episode 12) – Our Jet Race

What happened?

Misa found Rin on the bridge and confessed to her that she had almost given up on jet racing. She couldn’t compare to her sister and that took the fun out of it. It was important for her to be open with Rin who had something she wanted to tell Misa too…

It was the day of the big race and all of the teams were on the river ready to start. Once the countdown reached zero, they were off with Kaguya Shishuuin and Fuuka Tamaki’s teams taking an early lead with their more powerful jet skis. Emily Orange and Jennifer Peach were stuck in the middle of the field battling with Dina and Ziyu Pan. Meanwhile, Rin and Misa were at the rear with Yuzu and Manatsu. It didn’t look like anything would change and it probably wouldn’t have if not for a gamble from Rin.

Back on the bridge, Rin had told Misa how she had tried to copy her mother in everything she did, but now she realised that she would need to do it her way. They would need to race their own way, together as one!

She activated her boost in the tunnel section and flew past Emily and Jennifer and Hell’s Kitchen. Before long they had caught up with the leaders. Yuzu and Manatsu tried to do the same but they couldn’t keep the jet ski under control and all three of the trailing teams were dumped into the river. Surprisingly Manpuku and Misa teamed up to take out Fuuka’s jet ski making it a two-team race. Rin managed to manoeuvre past Fuuka’s spinning jet ski and take the lead. It was a straight race to the finish line with both teams hitting the boost.

Rin and Misa won the race with a smile on their faces. Even Kaguya was impressed and had found a new respect for them as racers. After the trophies had been handed out, Rin told Misa that she loved her and wanted to be with her forever.

Kandagawa Jet Girls Episode 12 Rin Namiki and Misa Aoi chasing the lead

What did you think?

It was the race we’ve all been waiting for since the first episodes and boy was it worth the wait. The actual race was amazing and had lots of twists and turns. There were some exciting moments such as Rin using the boost in the tunnel and Misa blasting everyone with her water gun, but then there was also the flashback to the bridge. I liked how it was spread throughout the race, making each part of their discussion that much more important. And then, there was the kiss… the offscreen kiss, you cowards!

Anyhow, this race was an absolute thrill and while it seemed to go on forever, it also felt like it didn’t last long enough. This was a great way to end the series. I’ve really enjoyed myself and am glad that there is an OVA to dive into next. I’ll be sad that there isn’t a second season and probably won’t be, but I will happily watch this season again. This was so much better than I was expecting.

Episode highlights

Kaguya’s Motivation!

The Bridge!

The Race!

The Winners!

Rin and Misa!

Mid-episode Transition!

The End!

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What did you think?