Kandagawa Jet Girls (Episode 5) – Pop Idol Racers

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Kandagawa Jet Girls Title 2

Rin has decided that she is now one with Misa much to Misa’s confusion and embarrassment. At least, they now have some time on the river scheduled, but their simulator is in need of parts! Shopping anyone?

Kandagawa Jet Girls (Episode 5) – Pop Idol Racers

What happened?

After their win and Misa calling Rin by her first name, Rin has decided that they are one which is taken in any number of ways by the other members of the club. Anyhow, there’s no time to rest on their laurels. They’re still waiting on some time on the river so it’s back to the simulator only the simulator isn’t working and needs some new parts. Kiriko is willing to go get them and Rin says she’s coming too. Misa comes too.

While out, they see the Hell’s Kitchen idols at a promo event. They also bump into Jennifer and Emily who takes them to an idol cafe. Everyone seems to be having fun, although Misa finds the whole thing a little too cringeworthy. Jennifer and Emily invite Rin to a concert. Rin decided to leave Misa out because she doesn’t like that sort of thing. It’s true, but that doesn’t stop Misa from feeling left out, especially as she hasn’t even exchanged phone numbers with Rin. They finally have some time on the Kandagawa but get bumped by the Hell’s Kitchen idols who then challenge them to a race. It’s on!

Kandagawa Jet Girls Episode 5 Dina Pan and Ziyu Pan took their slot on the Kandagawa

What did you think?

So, I haven’t really commented on the whole Rin and Misa relationship. That’s partly because I’ve had so much other stuff to talk about and also because I’ve been quite happy to see it develop. It’s worth pointing out that it is probably the most realistic element in the show and that’s a good thing. I like that Misa is this confident tomboy but she can’t bring herself to ask Rin for her phone number for fear of seeming vulnerable. I’m sure Rin would give it to her in a heartbeat if she knew what Misa was going through. There have been a lot of glances from Misa where her gaze has lingered a little longer than a casual glance. The racing is a lot of fun, but their relationship is too cute.

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Episode highlights

Training Interrupted!

Shopping for Parts!

Hell’s Kitchen!

Just ask her out already!

Racing against the Idols!

Mid-episode Transition!

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