Kandagawa Jet Girls (Episode 9) – The 180 Jetter

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Kandagawa Jet Girls Title 2

The Kandagawa Cup is fast approaching and that means it’s time for the preliminaries. Rin and Misa will need to get enough points to qualify for the finals and that’s not going to be easy!

Kandagawa Jet Girls (Episode 9) – The 180 Jetter

What happened?

With the preliminaries of the Kandagawa Cup coming up, Rin and Misa step up their training, however, one time while out for a run, they come across a girl that looks like she’s about to throw herself off the bridge and into the Kandagawa! They manage to stop her only to find out she wasn’t trying to kill herself, but maybe that would be for the best, so she tries for real this time. Rin and Misa pull her back over and talk to her. She’s worried about whether her partner is going to stay with her and whether her technique is good enough…

Anyhow, they manage to talk her out of it and leave happy that they saved her life. Of course, it turns out that she is one half of the team they will be facing in their first preliminary race. The other half is the shrine maiden who warned them about pursuing Nyu-Nyu. They make a quiet couple… until the race beings when Fuuka has a complete personality flit and turns into a monster. She yells at Inori and even crashes her jetski into Rin’s jetski. In the end, the race is so close they need a photo finish and amazingly, it’s a draw!

Kandagawa Jet Girls Episode 9 Misa Aoi and Rin Namiki

What did you think?

So, after two episodes with no jet racing, we’re back on the Kandagawa and it’s an important race. There’s more than just bragging rights at stake. This was a fun episode although I felt like the race was a little more rushed than the previous races. It was over a little too soon but was still fun, especially with Inori’s Gattling gun. It still feels like Rin and Misa have got a lot of work to do if they are going to seriously compete in the finals.

I did enjoy the scene on the bridge where Rin and Misa got the wrong end of the stick entirely. Admittedly, it did sound like Fuuka was talking about a lover when she kept referring to her partner and it was never clear if it was a boy or a girl. When she talked about her partner’s incredible technique and how she worried if hers would live up to it, Rin almost died of embarrassment. Those two are too cute together and I hope that things work out for them. Is this a yuri series?

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Episode highlights

The Bath!

The Bridge!

The Preliminaries!

Their First Opponents!

The Race!

Who Won?

Mid-episode Transition!

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