Magical Girl Apocalypse (Volume 9)

Magical Girl Apocalypse Volume 9 Cover

It all began in 2030, the near future of a timeline before the Magical Girl Apocalypse. A desperate husband and father enlisted his gifted son to create a drug that would grant immortality. It would also save his wife!

Magical Girl Apocalypse (Volume 9)

What happened?

In the year 2030, a pharmaceutical company called Wahre Liebe was on its way to creating a utopia. It had been able to cure diseases that no one believed curable. Everything seemed great. That was until Shirokane Sou, the CEO of Wahre Liebe called his son, Shinobu into the office. He had some bad news for his son. His wife, Shinobu’s mother had died of mysterious causes and he wanted Shinobu to help create a wonder drug that would grant immortality and revive his dead wife.

Shinobu was taken back by how calm his father was. He was furious that he would be making a request at a time like this when he hadn’t even seen his mother’s body. Sou then gave him a vial of blood – Magical Girl blood from a Magical Girl with the power to heal. Shinobu refused to believe his story about Magical Girls and an immortal Witch. However, his mother had died and if there was a chance that he could save her, he couldn’t ignore that.

Magical Girl Apocalypse Volume 9 Sayano Kaede the researcher

After developing his wonder drug, Shinobu tested it on himself with disastrous effects. He was found in the lab by one of the directors, Sayano Kaede who called his father and rushed him to the hospital. Sou told Kaede what his son had been working on and asked her to analyse the drug. She told him that he was going too far, but agreed to look into it. Unfortunately, that meant missing the dinner she had planned with her boyfriend, Kogami Kii.

Kaede completed her research and was horrified by what she found. That was when she was attacked and the drug was stolen. When she came too, she locked down the building but couldn’t find any trace of it. She told Sou what she found and how the drug could effectively turn any cell into another. It could be the end of existence. There was an explosion at the hospital and Shinobu vanished. What had he created?

Magical Girl Apocalypse Volume 9 The Witch

Meanwhile, Sou had given a photo of the immortal Witch that he got from Fukumoto Tsukune’s father to a police detective and offered him anything he wanted if he found the person in the picture. That detective was Rintaro Akuta, however, he was already investigating an unusual case when a school girl blew up a building and then exploded out of the interrogation room. Could they be linked? He learned that her mother had recently gone missing too.

The real threat, however, was the mysterious figure that stole the drug from Kaede. He injected it into a woman he had suspended in a giant vat. She was insanely strong but limited in her mental development. It was almost like giving a child the power to kill a lion with its bare hands. He called her Himeji Wataru!

Magical Girl Apocalypse Volume 9 Sayano Kaede attacked

What did you think?

This volume was so good, but if you weren’t paying attention it could be quite confusing. So, this takes place in 2030, eighteen years after the Magical Girl Apocalypse happened, although this timeline took place before any of that happened. In this reality, Kaede and Kii are living together, he was about to propose to her too. At this point, none of the Magical Girls have been abducted either, although Mikano’s mother went missing, although she’s probably Himeji now.

I certainly wasn’t expecting this when I picked up the first volume, but this is getting so good. The level of detail that’s gone into crafting this story is spectacular. I love time travel stories when they are done well and so far, this has been exceptional. It’s not been overly convoluted but still interesting enough that you have to pay attention. It’s all still very dark too, as you might expect.

Magical Girl Apocalypse Volume 9 Hanakai Mikano Magical Girl

What have you learnt?

I have no idea who the person behind everything is now as it would appear that even Himeji was created. There were a couple of details that kind of point towards it being something that Rintaro is behind, but that seems a little far fetched even. I just hope it’s someone we know and not just another random character pull like when they introduced Tonoguya Yuuji when we were clearly being led to believe it was someone we already knew.

The other thing is I can’t believe they almost made me feel sorry for Rintaro Akuta in the last volume. He was bad enough as a horny young idiot, but as an older detective, he’s just downright disgusting. I could have absolutely lived the rest of my life without seeing him grinding on Mikano’s bed… Anyhow, things have gotten even crazier and it’s just the beginning of season two!

Magical Girl Apocalypse Volume 9 Mysterious researcher and his specimen

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