Mother of the Goddess’ Dormitory (Episode 9) – Sutea Reflects On The Kotatsu / Koushi Tackles Spring Cleaning

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Mineru and Frey bought a new Kotatsu for the dormitory and everyone is keen to try it out. As warm and comfortable as it is, Koushi needs to tackle some spring cleaning. Luckily, Atena and Sutea are around to help!

Mother of the Goddess’ Dormitory (Episode 9) – Sutea Reflects On The Kotatsu / Koushi Tackles Spring Cleaning

Sutea Reflects On The Kotatsu

The new Kotatsu is an instant hit with everyone keen to try it out. Before long, however, it turns into a huge game of footsie thanks to Frey and Mineru. Koushi gets the idea to invite Sutea over to do their homework under the Kotatsu. It seems like a good idea, but that’s not taking Sutea’s condition into consideration. She agrees but only if there’s ice cream.

During their studies, Sutea fell asleep. Koushi tries to continue but he too falls asleep. Sutea wakes up to find him lying under the Kotatsu with his foot between her legs. She tries to wake him but it’s no use. He continues to fidget and twitch his foot, making Sutea feel more and more awkward. Then, she notices that Atena has come home and throws the Kotatsu at Koushi.

Mother of Goddess Dormitory Episode 9 A New Kotatsu

Koushi Tackles Spring Cleaning

Early one morning, Frey leaves to do a cosplay photoshoot, but before she leaves, she asks Koushi if he wouldn’t mind cleaning her room. He’s happy to help although he manages to enlist Atena to help him. Then, Sutea shows up and gets roped into helping. As they tidy, Koushi finds various cosplay outfits that Frey made him wear. He also finds her thong although Sutea thinks he means he wore it!

They try to get into Serene’s room, but she’s guarding the door. So, they head to Mineru’s room instead and discover that she has a lot of new equipment and it’s all spotless. Finally, they manage to get into Serene’s room although some of her stuff had fallen over and was blocking the door. Serene reveals that she had New Year gifts for everyone for the way they’ve included her in their plans. Mineru finds a bottle of Saki and drinks with Atena and Serene. They then all fall asleep on Koushi!

Mother of Goddess Dormitory Episode 9 Koushi cleaning Frey's room

What did you think?

It was a funny episode but it was also probably one of the weakest ones. It had some nice moments such as the round of footsie under the kotatsu, which shows the playful nature of the girls. I noticed that Sutea is back in her tsundere role, which is a shame. I thought she had developed past that.

The cleaning segment was funny, although it peaked when Mineru started to drink the Sake and then Atena and Serene joined her. After a couple of episodes with some pretty good plot developments, this was back to just being a fun and goofy show split into two parts. Maybe, they’re taking it easy before the final episode?

Episode highlights

The Kotatsu!


Saving Serene!

Frey’s Underwear!

Mineru’s Room!


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