Mother of the Goddess’ Dormitory (Episode 7) – The School Festival at Seikan Women’s University

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Koushi returns to Seikan Women’s University and this time he doesn’t have to dress like a girl. He’s also brought Sutea along to enjoy the festival with him. Luckily, they have Frey to guide them…

Mother of the Goddess’ Dormitory (Episode 7) – The School Festival at Seikan Women’s University

The School Festival at Seikan Women’s University

Koushi and Sutea arrived at Seikan Women’s University and were surprised to see how busy it was and just how much effort everyone was putting in. That’s when Frey came bounding over and offered to be their guides. For their first stop, they visited a small tent in the middle of the woods. It was a foreboding sight and when they entered they found Mineru selling her strange potions. Was it legal? Absolutely not, but that meant she was prepared for the student council to attempt to stop her!

After that interesting encounter, Frey took them to see Serene’s presentation where she was the subject of a cryptid hunt. No one knows how long Serene has been attending the school and sightings are usually rare. However, she’s just been seen so everyone runs out to catch her. Koushi hurries to help, but they soon find something even more troubling. One of Mineru’s potions has created a cloud in the courtyard and it’s turned the heat up!

Mother of Goddess Dormitory Episode 7 Sutea and Koushi arrive at the festival

Koushi was struggling to fight the overly amorous group of college students off and Sutea was experiencing the same thing. That was when Serene arrived and ordered the moon to fire all lasers on her location, purging the horny cloud and everyone’s urges. Koushi took her to the nurse’s room where she told him that she needed a kiss to recharge and she’d actually made pacts with everyone in the dormitory while they were sleeping.

Next, they went to a maid cafe where Atena was helping out. Sutea seemed to be quite taken with the maid costumes which gave Frey the chance to dress her up and give Atena and Koushi some time together. They went to see Kiriya’s event which was a cross-dressing contest of which she was the judge and quite the heartthrob. Once that was over and Atena had been able to stop staring lovingly at Kiriya, they went to a scary maze where Koushi got to act like a kid for a little while.

Mother of Goddess Dormitory Episode 7 Koushi with face in Atena's boobs

What did you think?

It was great that we got to spend a little time with each of the girls and having Frey guide them around made it all the better. That scene in the courtyard with the purple haze was insane. Like completely wild and it got even funnier when Frey slipped the blonde wig on Koushi. Of course, who could have seen moon laser saving the day? Basically, it was a fun episode and all of the characters got a little time to shine.

The real point of note for me was that Sutea was happy to play maid cafe maid while Atena and Koushi walked around the festival. Has she accepted that Koushi likes Atena or does the pull of a maid costume make any feelings not as important? Who knows, but seeing her stepping on the clientele was hilarious. I wonder how this episode changes anything for the characters going forward.

Also, did Serene say that she would slip into a different girls’ rooms each night to recharge her energy?

Episode highlights




Saved by the Moon!

Maid Cafe!

The Maze!

Please Step on Me!

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