Mother of the Goddess’ Dormitory (Episode 10) – The Goddesses Of The Goddess Dormitory

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Mother of Goddess Dormitory Series Title

Koushi’s been working hard to prepare for the New Year celebrations. Maybe a little too hard. While shopping for groceries with Kiriya, Koushi faints. He has a fever and it’s up to the Goddesses to watch over him!

Mother of the Goddess’ Dormitory (Episode 10) – The Goddesses Of The Goddess Dormitory

The Goddesses Of The Goddess Dormitory

With New Year approaching, Koushi was expecting the goddesses to head home to be with their families. However, they all have plans and will be staying at the dormitory, much to Koushi’s delight. He loves his new home and family and wants to make this the best New Year’s celebration ever. Kiriya accompanies him to the grocery store where he starts to make some grand plans. However, while holding a pack of shrimp, Koushi collapsed.

Kiriya rushed him home where the other goddesses watched over him. They were worried about his fever and decided that they would all help out around the house and do what they can to help Koushi. Frey whips out her nurse cosplay and attempts to comfort Koushi. When Atena finds out she drags her away. But then Kiriya arrives with a rather foul looking fruit juice and tries to get Koushi to drink it.

Mother of Goddess Dormitory Episode 10 Koushi collapses while shopping with Kiriya

Kiriya drops the glass, forcing Atena to dive and flick it away, stopping it from landing on Koushi’s head. Unfortunately, she landed on Koushi’s head instead and her top was unable to complete its only job. Realising that she had just exposed herself, Atena has a nosebleed and blacks out. It’s not going so well. Kiriya arrives once more and takes Koushi’s clothes to wash them while he has a shower. Frey and Serene are waiting for him in the bathroom with some oils to help…

After a day of failed attempts and mishaps, Koushi appears to be getting worse. Atena decides that she will watch over him for the night. She’s going to do it alone so that she can focus and not have to deal with all the crazy. The next morning, Koushi wakes up to find Atena asleep beside him. She is pleased to see he’s feeling better. Everyone is and to celebrate they all go grocery shopping together.

Mother of Goddess Dormitory Episode 10 Atena watching over Koushi

What did you think?

This was a great way to end this season. We got to see all of the girls doing what they do best… or worst… I guess it depends on your perspective. All of the usual ecchi hijinx were included and they were pretty funny. Of course, all of this to the backdrop of the deadly anime cold just made things that much crazier. In the end, it went the way we were probably all expecting. Atena stepped up and took over watching over Koushi.

Despite some questionable ideas, this has been a great series. I’ve laughed a lot and bonded with some of the characters. Who am I kidding? With all of the characters. I’m gutted that it is over, but that just means I get to find something else to watch. Anyhow, I’ve loved my time in the Goddess Dormitory and if my house burned down when I was twelve and I was living on the streets, I would have been delighted to take on the position of dorm mother to this house of misfits!

Episode highlights

New Year Preparations!

Koushi’s Sick!

Hello, Nurse!


That’s Not Supposed to Happen!

The End!

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