Author Journey (June 13, 2022)

The Otaku Author Journey June 13 2022

It was another busy week on all fronts, but I still managed to binge another series and write up another set of posts. At this rate, I’ll hit my goal by the end of June, freeing up the rest of the year for other projects!

June 13, 2022

Hot Topic

I spent a little time last week cleaning up my hard drive. There’s still quite a bit to do plus all my external drives, including numerous USB sticks, but I’ve made some sense of it. The biggest surprise, even though it shouldn’t have been, was just how much writing I had stashed away. I have twenty-two incomplete projects! Twenty. Two! And I know there are more. Incomplete is quite the vague statement in this sense as some are short stories, some are several chapters long, some are several books long, and one is the first twenty-six volumes of an epic series I have been working on.

It was strangely inspiring to see just how much writing I have done over the years. The biggest issue is the lack of completed projects that are out there in the world. That’s something I have to remedy, and that’s going to be the focus of my time for the second half of this year, especially as I’ve almost scheduled all my posts for the year! Last week, I scheduled one post for December 28…

What have I been watching/reading?

I love it when I start a series and it grabs me enough that I will watch it from start to finish over a couple of days. Ideally, I would binge the hell out of it and do it in one day, but I have a job and a family that won’t let me do stuff like that, so several days is an acceptable compromise. I did it the week before with Record of Ragnarok and I did it again last week with Mieruko-chan.

The way I’m going I should have the rest of my posts done by the end of June, maybe the first week of July. The only exceptions to that will be my Author Journey posts and Fire Force season 2 which I’m watching with Yomu. I’m excited about the possibilities. Anyhow, here’s what I reviewed last week.

This was the season finale of Peach Boy Riverside if you watched it as it was released. For me, it was the mid-season high and that made sense. If you are going to watch this series, please watch it in the correct order.

Edward had a plan and was ready to put it into action. For a long time, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood has shown Edward and Alphonse reacting to situations, so it was great to see them charging towards their own goal.

Magical Girl Apocalypse got even crazier. There is no limit to how insane this series and that’s a wonderful thing.

Don’t forget that I also review ecchi anime and have these three shows on the go at the moment, although one is getting close to the end!

Work in Progress

It was a busier week at work, which also included a half-day virtual meeting… Anyhow, I did watch Mieruko-chan and organised a lot of my files. I was stunned at just how much work was in there. There had to be more than half a million words. A lot of it is not ready for publication, but it’s a great starting point and just seeing all the folders and files has got me fired up to start knocking them off one by one. If I can stick to the plan, I should be able to finish the year with some books ready to publish, if I haven’t already started. Exciting times.

The Plan

I have fifty-six posts planned for 2022 that I haven’t yet completed. Most of that is anime, but there’s also one manga series which is eleven books long. Admittedly, that’s a lot to get through before the end of June, but I’m going to give it my all. Over the last ten days, I wrote and scheduled twenty-six posts so it’s not completely insane.

When I look at my calendar and can see the days being crossed off as I schedule the posts, I get pretty pumped. It’s going to be amazing to be able to focus my time on writing again and hopefully, get the habit back to where it was while building a foundation to really get my author career moving again. The last time I published anything was back in 2019. I’m ready to change that.


  • Quarter One
    • Author Journey – 13/13
    • Historic Anime – 39/39
    • Seasonal Anime – 36/36
    • Ecchi Anime – 14/14
    • Bonus Posts – 18/18
  • Quarter Two
    • Author Journey – 11/13 (+1)
    • Historic Anime – 39/39
    • Ecchi Anime – 39/39
    • Seasonal Anime – 3/3
    • Bonus Posts – 1/1
  • Quarter Three
    • Author Journey – 0/13
    • Historic Anime – 39/39
    • Fire Force S2 – 4/12 (+1)
    • Ecchi Anime – 39/39
    • Bonus Posts – 4/4
  • Quarter Four
    • Author Journey – 0/13
    • Historic Anime – 12/39
    • Ecchi Anime – 16/39 (+13)
    • Bonus Posts – 1/6

Another week, another completed series. As much as I miss watching seasonal shows as they air, I can’t complain as I am having a blast immersing myself in one series at a time.


  • MSR (Paranormal Harem Rom-com)
    • Plotting – 49/58
    • Writing – 43/58
    • Editing – 42/58
    • Artwork – 0/9
  • Valiant Lineage (Epic Dark Fantasy)
    • Plotting – 41/41
    • Writing – 0/?
    • Editing – 0/?
    • Artwork – 0/?
  • Black Death (Post Apocalyptic Shoujo AI)
    • Plotting – 0/?
    • Writing – 0/?
    • Editing – 0/?
    • Artwork – 0/?
  • Asteroidea (Horror Science-fiction)
    • Plotting – 0/?
    • Writing – 0/?
    • Editing – 0/?
    • Artwork – 0/?
  • Out of Time (Time-travel Murder Mystery)
    • First Draft – 0/?
    • Plotting – 0/?
    • Writing – 0/?
    • Editing – 0/?
    • Artwork – 0/?

No writing again, but a lot of prep work and reorganising of folders. I’ll try to get through more this week. Hopefully, then, I’ll have an idea of just how much work I’ve been sitting on.

Final Thoughts

Admittedly, writing up a year’s worth of posts in half a year is probably not the way I will do things going forward. Ideally, I’ll find a way to spread it through the year while keeping my writing going. The fact that I can afford to focus on my writing as a priority for the rest of the year will help, especially, if I can introduce a small amount of blogging as I go. I have a lot of work to do, regardless, and I’m fine with that. Bring it on!

Anyhow, thanks for reading.

Other shows I’m watching

  • Arifureta From Commonplace to Worlds Strongest Promo


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