Kandagawa Jet Girls (Episode 7) – Why they Race

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Rin failed her mathematics test and unless she can pass the make-up test, she will not be able to take part in the club. Everyone pitches in to help, but Rin might be putting herself under too much pressure!

Kandagawa Jet Girls (Episode 7) – Why they Race

What happened?

Rin has never failed a test until now and it’s the worst possible time. Student President, Fumika Shinshijuin tells Rin that unless she can pass the makeup test, she will need to attend summer school and will be barred from clubs. This cannot happen as she promised Fumika that she would defeat Kaguya Shishuuin in the Kandagawa Cup. Rin just wants to train, but everyone rallies around her to help her study. Their landlord, Minato even helps Rin study in the bath. The day of the make-up test comes and Rin manages to pass. Time to get back to training.

However, Rin passes out while running with Misa and is quickly taken home. It turns out she has caught a head cold and will need to rest. Once more, her friends gather around and once Emily and Jennifer find out they hurry over too, but not before Yuzu and Manatsu. Misa never expected to see so many people in her room, but all she can think about is Rin. She’s been letting Rin sleep in her bed while she takes the top bunk and can’t help but notice how it smells like Rin. That’s when she realised that she may have feelings for Rin. Rin wakes in the night after a bad dream, she finds Misa kneeling beside her, and when she wakes up in the morning Misa is still there fast asleep holding Rin’s hand.

Kandagawa Jet Girls Episode 7 Rin Namiki and Kiriko Yoshitoku studying

What did you think?

There wasn’t any jet racing in this episode at all, but that was fine. In fact, it was more than fine. This was a very good episode and highlighted just how well these characters have been developed. Now, I know what you might want to say. It’s an ecchi about girls who race jet skis and shoot water guns at one another. I’ve seen the comments online trashing this show and I think they are mostly unfounded. There’s criticism that this is a standard sports anime that follows the tropes. Well, there’s nothing wrong with that. Tropes work.

Then we have the characters and quite frankly this series has had better character development than many non-ecchi titles with higher ratings. The main focus of this series is on Rin and Misa with their relationship at the heart of it. Of course, there are other characters that appear and help these two grow. Seeing how far Misa has come in seven episodes is amazing. She was the loner who had fallen out of love with the sport she had committed herself to whereas Rin had never really had the chance to try it but loved it all the same. These two characters have been perfect for one another and have helped each other grow. If you are unable to see that, then you’ve not really watched the show.

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Episode highlights

The Kandagawa Monster!

Time to Study!

Head Cold!

Friends to the Rescue!

A Rough Night!

Mid-episode Transition!

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