Princess Connect! Re: Dive (Season Two)

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The Gourmet Guild takes on food-based quests, but in the background, something sinister is taking root in Landosol. Will Pecorine get the chance to tell her friends her secret and what happened in Yuuki’s past?

Princess Connect! Re: Dive (Season Two)

What did you watch?

In Spring 2020, I picked up a series that I knew nothing about, which is fairly normal for me, and quickly fell in love. When that season ended, it was like being told you wouldn’t be able to hang out with your friends anymore. Luckily for me, the mobile game it was based on received a global version at the start of 2021. I started playing and I still am… Anyhow, I was delighted when I found out the Princess Connect! Re: Dive was getting a second season and knew I was going to have to talk about it. So, here we are. You ready?

Princess Connect ReDive Episode 14 Karyl Pecorine Kokkoro and Yuuki lost

What happened?

The shadows were appearing more and more frequently across Landosol. What could be their connection to the Princess that sits on the throne in Pecorine’s place? As the Gourmet Guild went about completing missions and enjoying good food, they found themselves becoming more and more involved in the strange business plaguing the land. With Karyl watching over Pecorine and Yuuki and reporting back, Mana Senri, the fake Princess made her plans.

Everything came to a head just when Pecorine was going to reveal to Karyl and Yuuki that she was the true princess of Landosol. Karyl mysteriously vanished from her room. Mana Senri had summoned her to use as a shield to protect herself from an attack from Labyrista. That ushered in the final steps in Mana’s plans. She would take everything from everyone. It would be up to Pecorine, Yuuki, and Kokkoro to save the kingdom along with the friends they’d made along the way. Who will win?

Princess Connect ReDive Episode 18 Pecorine in the palace with shadows

What did you think?

I loved the first season and I think this one was even better. Throughout season one there were hints as to the darker nature of the series. We saw Yuuki with the mind of a child, his memories so badly damaged, but had no real idea how he got that way. I speculated in my season one review that he was redoing this life after failing to save everyone in the last life. As correct as I was, it was nothing compared to the reality. We still don’t know how many times Yuuki has endured this cycle, but it was far greater than I had imagined. This series is fantastic. The story is incredible and wonderfully woven through the episodes. The animation is stunning. It leaves you breathless. And finally, the characters are like old friends. It doesn’t matter how long you are apart, as soon as you’re back together it’s like you’ve always been together.

Princess Connect ReDive Episode 25 Pecorine and Yuuki versus Mana Senri

What was your favourite moment?

There are literally so many great moments in this series that I could almost pick any episode and be able to give you a great moment. Instead, I’m simply going to point you to the final episode of the season which was as close to a perfect episode as you’ll see. The emotion was raw and it pulled you in over and over again. The fights were spectacular and the stakes continued to rise. Finally, the message of this show was present in everything that happened. Friendship is the key. Never give up on your friends. Have faith in the bonds you build.

Princess Connect ReDive Episode 25 Charlie and Ikacchi

What was your least favourite moment?

Epsiode 19 focused on Monika and her team, Kuka, Ninon, and Yuki, but also tried to cram in Nightmare which is Jun, Christina, Tomo, and Matsuri. As a result, the Gourmet Guild members were pushed to the side for large parts of the episode. It wasn’t a bad episode, but I think I would’ve liked everyone to get a little more time. Basically, the show needed more episodes.

Princess Connect ReDive Episode 19 Kuka Monika Yuki and Ninon

Who was your favourite character?

I love Pecorine. She’s a fantastic character. The way she always smiles and puts others ahead of herself is admirable, especially with what she is going through. I just can’t get enough of her. This season, I had a lot more respect for Yuuki. it was obvious that he was going through some heavy stuff in the first season, but when you see what he’s gone through and the choices he’s had to make, you realise what a hero he is. They’re all great, but these two are easily my favourites.

Princess Connect ReDive Episode 20 Yuuki protects Pecorine

Who was your least favourite character?

For the longest time, I was disappointed with Karyl. She continued to go behind Pecorine and Yuuki’s back, spying on them for Mana Senri. Even though she liked them and could see what Mana was doing, she continued to serve her. I feel like there’s a lot of backstory that we need to see to make sense of Karyl’s decisions. Then, in the final episode, I realised that it didn’t matter if I liked Karyl. All that matters is that Pecorine likes Karyl.

Princess Connect ReDive Episode 23 Mana and Karyl

Would you like some more?

I want so much more. There are a lot of unanswered questions, and even if there weren’t I would want more. I’m quite happy following the Gourmet Guild around as they go on bizarre quests and eat curious food. That said, I need to see Yuuki’s past. As tragic as it might be, I feel like we owe it to him to experience the pain he’s been through. I need to know why Yuuki. And finally, how any of this relates to the real world because there is some sort of connection. We saw it with Kasumi and Yuuki when Kasumi’s copy died. Give me more!

Princess Connect ReDive Episode 25 Pecorine reacting to Jun reappearing

What have you learnt?

My big takeaway from season one was the importance of characters and how you can get away with so much more if the characters work. It’s certainly doesn’t mean you should abandon the story. Quite the opposite, in fact. Being able to focus on the characters allows you to weave the story into the background. Then, when the thread comes to the surface everything is ready. You just have to pull at it and watch everything fall into place.

I think this is what allowed the series to successfully switch tones so well. One second we were stuck in an above-ground coral reef with flying fish and other strange creatures as they searched for a magical spice. Moments later, they were dealing with monsters and food poisoning. There were ghosts, giant turtles, and flying machines. This was all in one episode and yet, it made perfect sense in a crazy kind of way. It makes sense that a show about bonds and friendship would show us how and why that’s important in storytelling!

Princess Connect ReDive Episode 21 Mimi Misogi Kyouka Aoi Hatsune Shiori Karyl Pecorine Kokkoro and Yuuki

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