Princess Connect! Re: Dive (Episode 12) – The Whimsical Patissier’s Specialty ~A Memory of Labyrinths and Crepes~

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Pecorine had a dream that her parents had forgotten her and woke in a panic. Yuuki had a dream, too, but it was far more disturbing. Was it a dream, a memory, or a premonition? At this stage, all could be true!

Princess Connect! Re: Dive (Episode 12) – The Whimsical Patissier’s Specialty ~A Memory of Labyrinths and Crepes~

What happened?

The Gourmet Guild sat down to a hearty breakfast of fried eggs only there wasn’t any bread to sandwich their beautifully cooked breakfast between. This was something that Pecorine was aware of and had a solution to. It turns out that a monster has made the bridge to town its home and it’s disrupting the supplies chains. Hence, no bread. It’s a wickedly hard quest, but they reluctantly take it on. Turns out they didn’t have much to worry about as they caught it with a trip line and then Pecorine hit it with a one-hit-kill!

That night, Yuuki had his dream in which he saw everyone he knew lying on the ground, presumably dead. Before he could wake, the girl that has been watching over him from afar entered his dream and told him that it could be a memory or a premonition. Yuuki was decidedly disturbed by the revelation and increased his training. Later, while having lunch, a loud noise caught their attention. Pecorine rushed to the rescue to find a giant shadow wrestling with the market vendors.

Princess Connect ReDive Episode 12 Pecorine all you can eat crepes from Shizuru and Rino

What did you think?

I’ll be the first to admit that the consistency of the animation standards has taken a bit of a hit. On occasions, it’s a bit average, but then it still manages to step up and blow me away with other scenes. The sound effects are also fantastic and really add to the action. Storywise, we’re finally starting to make moves towards Yuuki recovering his memories and Pecorine’s past catching up with her. I think this makes it fairly clear why Karyl was ordered to watch them. Pecorine is likely the actual heir to the throne while the woman sitting on the throne is some sort of evil imposter that has taken it along with her parents’ memories. I’m not sure if they’re going to be able to squeeze all the answers into the final episode, but I am eager to see them try.

Princess Connect ReDive Episode 12 Karyl and Pecorine face off against the Ultimate Shadow Warrior

What have you learnt?

I’ve always been a big fan of moving the plot along fairly quickly and this series hasn’t really done that. It has spent a lot more time developing the relationships between the characters and slowly introducing all the numerous characters from the game. That said, I have really enjoyed it so far and I think part of that is down to the relationships between the main four characters. They all have their own quirks and roles within the group and I think they work well together. It’s certainly given me some things to think about with the openings of my stories. I do think you’ve got to get the balance right, however. You can’t just ignore the plot. That won’t fly with me.

Princess Connect ReDive Episode 12 Pecorine runs into battle against the Ultimate Shadow Warrior

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