Princess Connect! Re: Dive (Episode 5) – Porridge Made With Love ~Topped with a Twilight Fate~

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Yuuki’s feeling a bit under the weather. Actually, he’s quite sick and it doesn’t appear to be shifting, so Karyl decides that should take him to see a doctor, but when they get to the hospital things seem far worse!

Princess Connect! Re: Dive (Episode 5) – Porridge Made With Love ~Topped with a Twilight Fate~

What happened?

They found the hospital in a slightly rundown area of the town and were surprised when they saw the nurse and the doctor, especially their outfits. Before they could object, Yuuki was whisked away to an operating room! Kokkoro began to panic and tried to summon some help with some dubious magic, but Karyl and Pecorine managed to calm her. The relief was short-lived when they heard Yuuki scream from within the room. Then a familiar yet different face rushed by. It was the food critic, however, he’d lost a lot of weight and was babbling about the place being a prison and not a hospital. He raced off, but another scream hurried back along the corridor and then the sound of cold hard steel scraping against the floor. What had they gotten Yuuki into?

Princess Connect ReDive Episode 5 The Collector and the One-Eyed Devil

What did you think?

This episode was excellent. I’ve not laughed like this in a while. I loved the creepy vibe of the “hospital” and especially all the bloody handprints all over the walls. Then, when you add in the three members of the Twilight Caravan guild that call the place their home, it just got better and better. There was a real sense of dread. It was most unexpected from this series, but also much appreciated. The Destroyer, who Yuuki gave a rice ball to in the previous episode, was insanely brilliant. She had decided that he was her soulmate, so when she found him in a bed in their “hospital” she tied him up and was about to put a cursed engagement ring on his finger. This episode was easily the best one yet.

Princess Connect ReDive Episode 5 Karyl Kokkoro and Pecorine in the Twilight Caravan Hospital

What have you learnt?

It’s not much of a surprise, but I love dark humour and creepy humour definitely seems to work just as well for me. I love the way you can get this weird feeling with a group of attractive girls who are also crazy. Given that, the original cast of Kokkoro, Pecorine, and Karyl are all pretty crazy, to begin with, it was quite surprising to see the members of the Twilight Caravan make them look like the most normal group of girls. I feel like I need to play around with this idea and come up with some truly bizarre and wonderful characters. They would be a lot of fun to write.

Princess Connect ReDive Episode 5 The Destroyer

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