Princess Connect! Re: Dive (Episode 24) – Those Who Fight Back

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As Pecorine tries to defeat Mana Senri and reclaim her kingdom, her name, and Karyl, she finds herself up against an old ally. Can she get past Jun and just what is the Twilight Caravan doing in the castle?

Princess Connect! Re: Dive (Episode 24) – Those Who Fight Back

What happened?

Pecorine is determined to save Karyl much to the amusement of Mana Senra who sends in another of her pawns – Jun, the commander of the castle guards. She tries to reason with Jun, but she has been corrupted by Mana. There has to be a way to get past her, especially as Karyl is getting weaker by the moment.

Meanwhile, the members of Twilight Caravan have taken up a mission to free Metamorregnant’s body from beneath the castle. However, they soon find Christina guarding it and she’s itching for a fight. Luckily, Eriko is ready to answer her request. Together with Mitsuki and Nanaka they appear to have gotten the better of Christina. They wish. Luckily for them, Ruka and Anna arrive to back them up. Even that is no match for Christina… Of course, while she was distracted Eriko found her way to Metamorregnant’s body and attempted to free it, waking something far more terrifying.

Kokkoro ran through the streets with their friends from the market, Yuuki unconscious on one of their backs as shadows race after them. Then, the giant mask shadow appeared and destroyed a bridge as they tried to flee. Kokkoro suddenly woke in a strange place where she was instantly hugged by Ameth. She told Kokkoro that she had been trying to link for a while, but now that she had she gave Kokkoro the key to Yuuki’s power. She was tasked with ensuring that he didn’t push too far as it would be catastrophic.

Pecorine defeated Jun and managed to get through to her, breaking Mana Senri’s hold on her mind. Together they faced Mana and charged. Jun blocked the attack allowing Pecorine to hit her with everything she had. Two Princess Strikes later and Mana was defeated and the wall around the castle destroyed. Pecorine caught Karyl as she fell to the ground.

They were allowed a moment to celebrate before realising that Mana Senri was but a shadow. A copy. The real Mana Senri, awoken from beneath the castle appeared and sent Jun flying before declaring that Pecorine and Karyl would be sacrificed. She was stopped by Yuuki, the only person she expected to fight her until the end!

Princess Connect ReDive Episode 24 Jun versus Pecorine

What did you think?

That was intense. I’m breathless. There were so many amazing fights that I’m not sure how they fight them all in. Sure, they cut the OP and ED and went all the way through the credits, but even that didn’t feel like enough. This could have easily been a movie-length episode. Oh yeah, and it was excellent. It was awesome seeing Eriko and the rest of Twilight Caravan return. They were the perfect team to take on Christina, even if they never stood a chance. Of course, they managed to awaken the real threat…

After all that, I was glad to see Yuuki standing up to Mana Senri to save his friends. He’s been the butt of a lot of jokes in this series, but his life has been one long list of tragedies so it’s nice to see him getting the chance to prove himself once more. I literally cannot wait for the next episode which is the season finale! Surely, they could have given us a couple more episodes? The first season had thirteen after all. Basically, just give me more!

Princess Connect ReDive Episode 24 Christina versus Eriko

What have you learnt?

This season has been an absolute blessing to those of us that enjoy a good fight. There have been so many good ones it’s almost hard to keep track of them all. Now, the fights in this episode weren’t necessarily as epic as the one between Mana Senri and Labyrista, but we got treated to several fights concurrently. If you can’t go bigger then you have to give us more and more they did. I think they saved Twilight Caravan for the perfect moment too. I was wondering when we’d get to see Eriko once more and she didn’t disappoint.

Even with the crazy fights, they managed to pull details from previous episodes and even from the first season such as the giant chicken that Little Lyrical raised after the quest they went on with Yuuki. I liked that they told us why Kokkoro was getting those weird black moments. I think the next episode is going to be unbelievable but at the same time, I don’t think they are going to get close to answering all the questions. Could we get another season? I hope so.

Princess Connect ReDive Episode 24 Ameth connected with Kokkoro

Episode Highlights

Twilight Caravan versus Christina!

Giant Mask Shadow!

Jun and Pecorine versus Mana Senri!

Yuuki versus the real Mana Senri!

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