Princess Connect! Re: Dive (Episode 13) – Lost Princess ~Garnished with Smiles~

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After finding themselves inside Landosol Castle, Pecorine’s past is brought to light. Yuuki, however, has been taken aside by Labyrista and offered an insight into his own past, present, and future. How will this change things?

Princess Connect! Re: Dive (Episode 13) – Lost Princess ~Garnished with Smiles~

What happened?

Pecorine is the princess of Landosol and should be sitting on the throne, but after returning from her trip through the kingdom, she had been forgotten and another had taken her place and her name. After that, she ran off and that was when she met Yuuki and Kokkoro, and soon after Karyl. She spent their entire time together worrying that they too would forget her. Kokkoro reassured her that she would always be at her side and Karyl left to fight the shadow monster alone, struggling with her role in Pecorine’s situation. Of course, Pecorine wasn’t about to let Karyl face the monster alone and rushed to her aid.

Meanwhile, Labyrista explained a little more of Yuuki’s past to him and revealed that his dream was not a dream and in fact a memory from the past. It seems that he was defeated along with his friends by the fake princess, but was somehow returned to the past to try again, all be it without his memories. With this information churning around his head, Yuuki returned to his friends and helped them to defeat the shadow monster.

Princess Connect ReDive Episode 13 Karyl faces the Shadow Monster

What did you think?

I have absolutely loved this series. There have been hints at pretty much everything that was covered in the final episodes and I think it handled the story very well, especially for an anime adapted from a mobile game. For me, its strengths have been the main cast of characters and the relationships developing between them. I remember hearing groans of a harem at the beginning of the series and while I’m not opposed to harems, it certainly didn’t develop that way. If anything the friendship between these four characters was a joy to watch. This series is a lot of fun. It’s also spectacularly beautiful and sounds great. I hope we get a second season so that we can finally put the fake princess in her place. How could anyone make Pecorine cry like that?

Princess Connect ReDive Episode 13 Pecorine realising her parents have forgotten her

What have you learnt?

There’s lots of debate about which is more important, plot or characters. I’ve always been in the camp that if you get one right you can pay less attention to the other. In that thinking, I’ve always considered the plot to be a fairly important part and in the past have focused much more on that than characters. I love characters and try to give them as much attention as possible, but I think I’m really starting to shift my ideas. If you have a great group of characters, you can pretty much do anything with them as the audience is just happy to be around them. If you get that right and then manage to nail the plot, you’re golden. It’s going to make me look at my next project in a different light, that’s for sure.

Princess Connect ReDive Episode 13 Pecorine Karyl Kokkoro and Yuuki back at the Tavern

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