Princess Connect! Re: Dive (Episode 17) – The Budding Detective ~Mirror Glaze on the Mind~

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Pecorine has taken the Gourmet Guild on a dangerous quest and as usual, they are less than prepared. Luckily, they run into some friends who help them out. It only seems fair that they repay the favour then!

Princess Connect! Re: Dive (Episode 17) – The Budding Detective ~Mirror Glaze on the Mind~

What happened?

Yuuki woke from a dream where he was caught up in a great fight against a powerful witch. He recognised some of his allies too, but with his memories still foggy, that was all he could take from it. He had no time to really think about it anyhow as Pecorine hurried them away on their next quest. Before long, the Gourmet Guild were running for their lives as a giant monster seemed determined to eat them. When Yuuki got swatted away and then carried off by a giant bird, he couldn’t have ever guessed what would happen next.

He was rescued by Makoto and the other members of Caon, a guild that specialises in helping beast folk. They caught up with the others and made quick work of the monster. Before the dust had settled, Pecorine, Kokkoro, and Yuuki had begun preparing a lavish feast from the monster. Makoto and the others were suitably disturbed. It turned out that Caon is investigating the appearance of shadows on the island, so Pecorine offers to help. However, something far more sinister is at hand!

Princess Connect ReDive Episode 17 Yuuki Pecorine Karyl and Kokkoro still running from a monster

What did you think?

This was probably the best episode yet. The opening scene with Mana Senri fighting against Yuuki and the other Seven Crowns was insane. I’m going to throw this out there in the hope that it sticks, but I would love a prequel movie which is basically everything leading up to that point. That would be spectacular. Of course, that was just the appetizer as the main course was yet to come.

Makoto and Kaori are two of my favourite characters in the game and likewise in the anime so it was great seeing them back on the screen. The final fight with the Golem to save Neneka was incredible and what an ending. The plot has got a lot of attention this season and I am all for it. This may well be based on a mobile game, but the story is epic and at the same time it can switch to fun and relaxed in a heartbeat.

Princess Connect ReDive Episode 17 Kasumi and Makoto

What have you learnt?

Other than the need for a prequel movie, I feel like I need to say something about how many characters this series has. I love it. I think that having a central cast that can move around the world and meet up with numerous other characters makes this series a lot of fun. The fact that they can run into anyone anywhere really adds to the adventures and makes it feel epic. I can see it being confusing but I think it’s a good long term idea.

I can see this working really well in an epic story that would span multiple books. The ability to reintroduce characters as needed and allow them to slip away when they’re not is great. It would help keep things fresh as you can rotate characters too by making people leave the party for whatever reason. I can see a lot of potential for a series like this, and not just the waifu bait. I mean that obviously helps…

Princess Connect ReDive Episode 17 Makoto Maho Kaori Kasumi Yuuki Karyl Kokkoro and Pecorine ready to fight

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