Princess Connect! Re: Dive (Episode 7) – A Light to Pierce the Darkness ~Like Two Sisters in a Pod~

Princess Connect ReDive Title

It’s time to complete the harvesting mission, but some more adventurers show up and they’ve been attacked by things that looked just like them and one adventurer is still missing. Yuuki volunteers to help find her.

Princess Connect! Re: Dive (Episode 7) – A Light to Pierce the Darkness ~Like Two Sisters in a Pod~

What happened?

The Gourmet Guild met up with the other adventurers, ready to start picking spices, but a commotion distracted them. When they got to where the noise was coming from, they found the Elizabeth Park guild including Rima. They told the others that they were attacked by things that looked just like them and that one of their party was still missing. That was, of course, Shiori, sister of Hatsune, a girl with mysterious powers that definitely aren’t superpowers… Anyhow, she’s determined to head into the forest and find her sister. Yuuki says he’s going too which means Kokorro is coming. They’re joined by Rima and Aoi. They have a brief encounter with Shiori and it’s not too pleasant, but after she’s gone they run into Christina and she’s downright evil.

The shadows, led by Shiori, attack the farm. Pecorine is quick to jump to the villagers’ defence, although Karyl is keeping her distance, unsure of how to act in the wake of her orders to watching Pecorine and Yuuki. Eventually, she joins the fight. Yuuki, meanwhile, has been knocked unconscious and returned to the astral plane where he is told to use his superpower to help his friends.

Princess Connect ReDive Episode 7 Shadows attack the village

What did you think?

This was the first two-parter of the season and it came off the back of two excellent episodes. Is it time to worry? Not on your life! This episode was probably the best of the three, and definitely for action. The shadows were brilliantly creepy and I loved that it seemed to suggest that Christina and her boss aren’t working off the same script. This series has a beautifully crafted fantasy world and the animation is spectacular. The fights are really where they put it all on display and the sound effects are just awesome. I’m loving this series and all of the bizarre and wonderful characters in it.

Princess Connect ReDive Episode 7 Christina

What have you learnt?

There’s nothing quite like a good old fashioned fantasy adventure full of quirky and unusual characters. This series is based on a mobile game and as such there are loads of characters that have been introduced and no doubt many more. I like that they decided to build the story around Yuuki and his journey to rediscover himself. This has been another show that has done a great job of avoiding exposition. There’s still so much to find out and discover that it makes each episode that much more interesting, and that’s before you factor in all the stunning characters and incredible fights.

Princess Connect ReDive Episode 7 Shadow Shiori attacking

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