Fruits Basket (Episode 32) – Let’s Start the Watermelon Splitting Contest!

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Momiji decides that they should have a watermelon splitting contest, but is woefully unprepared. The fun and games are all cut short, however, when Akito arrives and asks to see everyone. Everyone but Kyo and Tohru!

What happened?

After Hiro’s comments, Tohru had realised that she knew almost nothing of everyone’s parents and suddenly became self-conscious that she was always going on about her mom. It put a strange twist on most of her conversations and Kyo noticed. When Tohru asked about Kyo’s parents, he told her that he was estranged from his father and that his mother had kill… died in an accident. Meanwhile, Akito arrived at the summer house and bumped into Yuki who was walking alone. Shigure then took the other Somas, excluding Kyo, to meet Akito. Later, Tohru went out to see if she could find them and bumped into Yuki who revealed that he was the boy that saved her when she was lost, but in truth, she saved him as it was the first time he’d ever felt needed.

Fruits Basket Episode 32 Yuki Haru Kisa Torhu Hiro and Kyo

What did you think?

So, we’ve finally got the answer about the hat that Tohru has been keeping since she was a little girl and, of course, it was Yuki’s. The significance of the hat and Tohru keeping it became that much more important when you realise that Yuki had spent his entire life being abused by Akito and told that he was worthless, but the first time he escaped, he was able to prove Akito wrong.

On top of that, Kyo let a little bit of information slip and I think that it ties back to the end of episode 14 when he whispered that he was sorry to a sleeping Tohru. My theory from that point was that Kyo was actually Kyoko son, too. It may still be a stretch and if that falls away, I still feel pretty confident that Kyo was somehow involved in Kyoko’s death. Now, from this, it might have been that his mother’s “accident” was to blame.

Also, I love the way this series can switch between the happy and fun moments to the darker moments along with the introduction of Akito. The atmosphere changes and you can sense the dread and tension in the characters. As always, this series is simply a work of art.

Fruits Basket Episode 32 Tohru and Yuki Shooting Stars

What have you learnt?

Akito doesn’t necessarily come off as a particularly dangerous and menacing person, but the way people react is what turns the atmosphere. You can see the fear and hatred in their eyes, their stances, and the way they behave. I love this idea of painting a character based on other’s perceptions, especially if they don’t align with what we see. When you have this sort of situation in a series with Tohru Honda who is the complete opposite, it really makes it that much more intense. I love the way Akito has been brought to life in Fruits Basket, even if I can’t stand the actual character.

Fruits Basket Episode 32 Akito and Kureno

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  1. “Akito doesn’t necessarily come off as a particularly dangerous and menacing person”

    That’s because… They’re not dangerous and menacing in a conventional sense. Akito isn’t some mook that’s gonna open a can of whoop-ass and leave you broken and bruised. Nor are they going to kick your puppy, throw your favorite teddy bear in the garbage, or delete your Minecraft world.

    No. Akito is something far worse.

    They attack their victim’s very core of their being. They attack their sense of self, not only their identity as a person, but their perception of self worth. And they revel in that destruction.

    That’s why other characters react they way they do in their presence – unconsciously reverting to what they’ve been molded into… But a few seem to be conscious and fighting against it, which just makes things worse. And so far, only Shigure seems to be able to shrug it off *almost* entirely.

    That’s also why Tohru seems to be unaffected. Not growing up inside that toxic environment, she hasn’t been conditioned. And why Akito hates her so – she’s a rival for their control.

    • Yeah, Akito is quite the mental tormentor. I’m surprised at the hold Akito has other the zodiac Somas. I’m also curious as to how that happened given that Shigure, Hatori, and Ayame are all older, or at least that’s how I see it. I’m looking forward to seeing how this all came to be this way.

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