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It’s time for another of the zodiac Somas to introduce themselves and this time it is Ritchan, the monkey spirit. At the same time, Shigure’s poor editor is desperately trying to get his next book, but he’s up to his usual games!

What did you watch?

After the serious topic of the last episode where we met Kisa and learnt of the bullying she’s experienced, it’s nice to have a more lighthearted topic for Episode 19 of Fruits Basket. It’s the introduction of Ritchan and we also get to see more of Mitchan, Shigure’s long-suffering editor. There will be spoilers, so get ready for lots of screaming and apologizing…

Fruits Basket Episode 19 Ritchan And Mitchan Meet

What happened?

Shigure’s next book is due and as usual, he’s nowhere to be found. His editor, Mitchan is having somewhat of a nervous breakdown as he has her running across the city trying to find him. Coincidentally, Ritchan has come to visit. It’s about time that he got to meet Tohru, after all, most of the other Somas already have. Ritchan and Mitchan have a brief encounter before going their separate ways. Then, Tohru bumps into Ritchan and is able to guess who he is based on her visit to the hot springs where she met Ritchan’s mother.

Ritchan is a little nervous and lacking in self-confidence. For Shigure, this is potentially the most fun he’s had since sending his editor to find him at the Octopus Dude. He instantly sets about playing with Ritchan and challenging him to stand up for himself. It doesn’t go very well, but then Shigure gives Ritchan one final challenge – to get rid of the crazy stalker (his editor). That doesn’t go so well, but then Tohru intervenes and Shigure reveals the completed manuscript.

Fruits Basket Episode 19 Ritchan Freaking Out

What did you think?

This episode was a riot. Ritchan is hilarious and possibly a little annoying, but I found it more funny than annoying, especially as Shigure has his fun. It was nice to see a more uplifting episode as Ritchan and Mitchan met and ended up on a path to friendship and probably more. At one point, having destroyed the manuscript, Ritchan climbed onto the roof and threatened to throw himself off. To the surprise of everyone, Tohru climbed up there too and delivered one of her classic speeches, while almost falling off the roof.

Fruits Basket Episode 19 Ritchan And Mitchan Secret Revealed

What was your favourite moment?

Shigure doesn’t know when to quit and I find that hilarious. In real life, I would probably want to kill the guy, but in this series, he’s easily my favourite character and in this episode, he really got to enjoy himself. The best moment was when he had got Ritchan and Mitchan to go and collect some food from Octopus Dude while he rewrote the damaged manuscript. Given his history of meddling, I can’t help but think he knew exactly what he was doing sending them together.

Fruits Basket Episode 19 Ritchan And Mitchan Upset At Shigure

What was your least favourite moment?

I do worry about Tohru sometimes. As soon as I saw that Ritchan’s mother was the owner of the hot pools, I knew he was a guy. I remembered her talking to Tohru about her son. I know Tohru is a bit of an airhead and that probably helps her to be so accommodating and helpful to everyone she meets, but someone needs to hold her hand the rest of the time. Poor Tohru!

Fruits Basket Episode 19 Tohru after Turning Ritchan into a Monkey

Who was your favourite character?

Normally, it would have been Shigure and even though I haven’t selected him, his actions have definitely influenced my decision. I am selecting Mitchan. Her expressions throughout this episode were great. She went through pretty much every emotion possible and then some. I absolutely feel sorry for her. As I said, a real-life Shigure would be unbearable, but thankfully it’s an anime and she’s not taken anything too far yet. Hopefully, meeting Ritchan will help her to calm down. Maybe even both of them.

Fruits Basket Episode 19 Mitchan Trying To Find Shigure

Who was your least favourite character?

Not a great episode for Yuki or Kyo, both were in it fairly frequently and yet neither did anything. Even when Ritchan was on the roof and Tohru climbed up to get her, they just stood there and did nothing. When Tohru almost fell off the rood, what did they do? That’s right, nothing! These boys have got to up their game.

Fruits Basket Episode 19 Kyo Yuki Tohru and Shigure

Would you like some more?

Of course. I loved the way Ritchan and Mitchan found each other and once more the power of Tohru’s words changed people for the better, even if Tohru wasn’t the one saying them. I’m still waiting to see if any of my predictions are true or not. The one I really want to get some answer on is the possible relationship between Kyoko and Kyo. Are they mother and son, or is the answer worse? Only time will tell. I just hope it’s not going to be a season two answer!

Fruits Basket Episode 19 Mitchan's Face When Ritchan Spilt Coffee On Manuscript

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  1. “I am selecting Mitchan.”

    I have rarely seen a character more deserving!

    Watching what she went through in this episode nearly broke my heart!

    “As I said, a real-life Shigure would be unbearable, but thankfully it’s an anime and she’s not taken anything too far yet. ”

    The poor woman was about to stick her head in a noose! That’s pretty close to “too far,” don’t you think? Though you’re right this is a comedy, and exaggeration is part of it.

    Besides, Mitchan got to meet Ritchan, and talk about two people belonging together!

    • Yeah, they were absolutely meant for each other and I think Shigure knew that. He take things too far most of the time, but he can also use that power for good.

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