Fruits Basket (Episode 10) – It’s Valentine’s, After All

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It’s Valentine’s Day and Kyo is not his usual violent self! He can’t even bring himself to fight Yuki! Could it have anything to do with Kagura?

What did you watch?

I just watched Fruits Basket episode 10 and there’s still no news about how long the series will be. Also, given how the story meanders along, there’s no way of telling how much more there is. I guess we’ve just got to sit tight and see where it takes us, and as long as it stays this good, I wouldn’t mind if it were a hundred episodes long.

Fruits Basket Episode 10 Tohru, Arisa, Saki

What happened?

So, it’s Valentine’s day and Saki has taken it upon herself to open Yuki’s locker. At first, they were surprised to find just one box of chocolates, but then Saki hypothesized that each girl had replaced the previous chocolates so that they alone would win Yuki’s affection. A garbage can full of chocolates seemed to back up her theory. Nothing gets by Saki.

Meanwhile, Kyo hasn’t been himself. He’s a little jumpy and on edge, even the prospect of fighting Yuki isn’t appealing to him. Tohru was concerned and followed him out of class only to find Kagura waiting for him. She was her usual exuberant self, chasing Kyo down and demanding he take her on a date. Then, Shigure suggested that Tohru and Yuki go with them and make it a double date…

Fruits Basket Episode 10 Jealous Girls

What did you think?

This episode was a little more serious than the last one, but mostly because of Shigure. They’ve hinted for a while now that he’s pulling the strings and is far more involved in everything than would appear, so it was nice to see some of that evolving, even if nothing concrete was actually revealed. I was a little disappointed to not see Haru in this episode, but that’s how the Soma’s roll!

Fruits Basket Episode 10 Tohru and Yuki saying Bye to Shigure

What was your favourite moment?

Tohru and Yuki were discussing Shigure on their double date with Kyo and Kagura as Tohru was concerned that he would be lonely. Yuki, however, gave a great analogy of Shigure. He mentioned that others see him as the wave. He washes up and tickles your feet, but when you try to grab him, he slips away. Yuki has another analogy that he believes to be more accurate and that is he’s a jellyfish. You don’t realise you’re in any danger until it’s too late and you’ve been stung.

Fruits Basket Episode 10 Shigure the Wave

What was your least favourite moment?

They gave us a glimpse of young Shigure and some realisation he had that has shaped his approach to everything since then, however, the never really gave us any details. Sure, they didn’t have to tell us anything, but I find when a story deliberately under-informs to be quite annoying unless there is a good reason, like when someone’s train of thought is disrupted or aliens attack. Neither of these things happened, so it becomes annoying to me.

Fruits Basket Episode 10 Shigure Plotting Something

Who was your favourite character?

Well, it has to be Shigure. We’re finally starting to see who he is. I think he’s trying to do something about the curse and is willing to sacrifice whoever he needs to to do that, even himself. He also seems to enjoy teasing and manipulating others to do what he wants. Could he be the real power in the Soma clan? Only time will tell.

Fruits Basket Episode 10 Shigure the Jellyfish

Who was your least favourite character?

Kyo was a bit of a wet lettuce in this episode. Sure, Kagura is terrifying, but still. He seemed to just give up on everything. I expected more fight from him.

Fruits Basket Episode 10 Kagura Kyo Yuki Tohru Double Date

Would you like some more?

Definitely! I need to find out what Shigure is up to and how everyone else falls into his plans. Somehow, I feel like I will be waiting a while, which is fine as long as they keep giving us little bits of information and not deliberately teasing and holding back. It’s like when a wizard that knows everything decides to only tell the hero about things two-thirds into a story. If you’ve known all this time, why now? Tell me the answers…

Fruits Basket Episode 10 Kagura chasing Kyo

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  1. I really liked how they presented Shigure in this episode. The original anime series left him an ambiguous character but this version makes it clear he’s got his own agenda and I really want to see more of it.

    • Absolutely, I need to find out what he’s up to and why. He’s a really fascinating character and a lot of fun as well.

  2. I’m so excited to watch this because Shigure is one of my favorite characters so far!

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