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After a recent outburst at school, Yuki and Kakeru visit Machi at her home to find out what was wrong. It’s also time for goodbyes as the senior year graduate and moves on to the next stage of their lives.

What happened?

Snowflakes drifted through the air, threatening to cover the ground and pile extra stress on Machi’s shoulders. It was just too much. She couldn’t take it anymore and lashed out, knocking a brand new box of chalk to the floor. News of her outburst got back to the student council and Yuki, along with some more outrageous gossip.

When Machi showed up, she overheard the girls gossiping about her and ran off before Yuki could say anything. Kakeru, however, had a plan. He was going to take Yuki to Machi’s apartment so that he could ask her himself. Yuki was reluctant, but Kakeru isn’t someone that takes no for an answer. They arrived at Machi’s apartment and barged in. Well, Kakeru barged in, dragging Yuki behind him. Yuki was surprised at the mess and even more surprised when Kakeru handed him something…

Fruits Basket Episode 53 Kakeru sets Yuki up Machi distraught

Once Kakeru had gone to take out the trash, Yuki asked Machi if she hated perfection. It seemed like an odd question, but Machi brokedown, confiding in him that her mother had demanded perfection from her in an attempt to become air to the family. However, this had stripped Machi of any life beyond studying. Her mother had a second child, a boy, and was relieved to succeed after failing with Machi… Of course, she told Machi that too!

Machi explained that she had been going to cover up her little brother from the cold when her parents burst in and overreacted accusing her of attempting to murder him. That was when they made her live alone, basically throwing her out of the family. Yuki promised that if the snow settled, he would walk footprints in it with her. They looked like they were about to kiss, but then Kakeru’s phone went off, revealing his hiding place and spoiled the mood.

Before graduation, Motoko, president of the Yuki fan club, asked to meet with Yuki and was surprised to see him show up. She thanked him for making her school life fun. Her words touched Yuki who thanked her. The senior class moved on, leaving Yuki’s year to move one step closer to life after school!

Fruits Basket Episode 53 Machi's shitty parents

What did you think?

Why is there always someone cutting onions when I watch Fruits Basket? How do they know and where are they doing it? In all reality, this was another fantastic episode of Fruits Basket. It did an incredible job of capturing the emotions of leaving school. I wouldn’t say that I loved school, but I know the mixed feelings of moving on after spending so long working towards a goal. You can’t help but get caught up in it. This episode brought that all back.

Of course, that wasn’t all. The scene between Yuki and Machi is incredible. Yet again, Fruits Basket delivers on its promise to uncover the world’s shittiest parents and this time they were Machi’s parents. So, when Yuki stepped in and did what they should have done all those years ago, it wasn’t hard to see why it would have that impact on Machi. Then, when the snow melted and there was no chance to walk in it together, Yuki threw down his most impressively nonchalant act of chivalry by casually reaching over and snapping a chalk in two, saving Machi from the horror of perfection. Smooth move, dude! Smooth move!

Fruits Basket Episode 53 Yuki and Machi

What have you learnt?

For an episode where there really wasn’t that much happening, it was amazing to see just how well it held my attention. I started watching and then, moments later, it felt like it was over. You know that it’s captivating when time moves at a different speed. Is that the theory of relativity at work?

Anyhow, I feel like I need to mention a character that I didn’t instantly gel with and how he turned me around and is now one of my favourites. I am, of course, talking about Kakeru. He is the perfect foil to Yuki and his calm approach to everything. Kakeru makes things happen. He made Yuki open up to him and continues to help him along. He also is a lot of fun and delivers some truly hilarious moments.

I should also mention Motoko, who I softened on back at the beginning of season two. She had a great moment with Yuki and I would have been fine with that going somewhere… Well, until Machi came along. Is this a warning sign that my opinions of Akito will be turned? I hope not. Also, what was Ren doing with those scissors? I think she’s just turned Rin into a boy and will somehow use her to mess with Akito. This should be interesting!

Fruits Basket Episode 53 Motoko thanks Yuki

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