Fruits Basket (Episode 9) – Yuki Was My First Love

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Another Soma rolls into town and this time it’s Haru, but is it Light Haru or Dark Haru? Either way, it’s going to be another thing for Tohru to worry about!

What did you watch?

So, Fruits Basket’s air time was delayed in Japan due to the coverage for the French Open. As a result, it was delayed around the world, which is why this post is coming a day later than usual. Now, I like tennis as much as the next person, but come on! Anyhow, back to Fruits Basket. I’ve heard rumours of this season having 24 and 26 episodes and that there will be a second season with the same amount. Unfortunately, none of that is confirmed, so nothing’s really changed!

Fruits Basket Episode 9 Kyo Sees His Chance

What happened?

It’s marathon day at school and Tohru isn’t particularly looking forward to it. Kyo, however, sees it as the perfect chance to challenge Yuki, especially as Yuki is developing a cold. With the challenge delivered there will be no backing out, cold or not. The girls gather at the starting line, but Arisa is missing. At least Tohru will have Saki to keep her company, well, for the first couple of steps anyhow…

Further into the race, Tohru sees a man with white hair lying beside the course. Assuming that it’s an elder man that’s fallen, she runs to help. It’s not. It’s yet another Soma and he’s looking for Yuki and Kyo, although more specifically Kyo. As soon as they arrive the mystery Soma challenges Kyo to a fight and before Tohru can object, it’s on!

Fruits Basket Episode 9 Dark Haru

What did you think?

After the last couple of episodes that really pulled at your emotions, it was nice to have a lighter and funnier episode. Kyo and Yuki continued to fight and bicker, but it was the introduction of Haru that really made the episode, especially when he switched to Dark Haru. And then Shigure popped up at the end with a couple of great lines. So far, I think they’ve made great use of all of the characters to bring variety to the series.

Fruits Basket Episode 9 Tohru Kyo and Yuki Shopping

What was your favourite moment?

There was a moment during Kyo and Haru’s fight when Yuki was telling Tohru about Haru. He mentioned Dark Haru and how that whenever they got together they had to fight. She made a comment that it was like Kagura and he said, “No, it’s much worse.” Just as Haru gently cradled his chin and stared into his eyes, before jumping back into the fight. This moment was so brilliantly absurd that I couldn’t help but laugh out loud.

Fruits Basket Episode 9 Tohru Yuki Dark Haru

What was your least favourite moment?

The sign of a good episode is when I can’t find a single least favourite moment. I think everything worked and was perfectly balanced. You had the great little moments that looked like Saki had discovered the truth, but she was just destroying his classmates at poker, and then Shigure selflessly going to collect Tohru, Yuki, and Kyo’s stuff from school… well, that’s what Tohru thought, but Shigure walked off thinking “High school girls, high school girls!”

Fruits Basket Episode 9 Shigure's Sacrifice

Who was your favourite character?

Without a doubt, it was Haru. He was excellent. Never has a character been so all over the place and yet completely believable. In the beginning, he was looking cool and serious, even the passing girls were noticing him and then he put on his riding gloves, goggles, and jumped onto his bike. Brilliant! He was up and down, challenging Kyo, calling off the fight to help Yuki, hugging Tohru so that he could turn into a cow, and then revealing that Yuki was his first love. There were so many fun moments with Haru, I hope he hangs around.

Fruits Basket Episode 9 Haru

Who was your least favourite character?

Wow! Again, I can’t think of anyone. Even, Hatori’s very brief appearance at the end was funny. It was a shame not to see Arisa in this episode, because it would have been funny to see her completely oppose being forced to run the marathon, but I understand why she just skipped it. Saki also continues to steal the show with her brief cameos.

Fruits Basket Episode 9 Shigure and Kyo caught a cold

Would you like some more?

I am all in on this series and I never thought I would be. Once more, it’s another reason to watch outside of your comfort zone. Since I started watching seasonal anime, I am repeatedly surprised by the shows that I was not expecting it from. Sure, there have been ones I was expecting to like and did, and also ones that I wasn’t and didn’t, but if I hadn’t taken a chance on those shows, I would have missed out on so many great series.

Fruits Basket Episode 9 Saki Takes A Tumble

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  1. “I’m all in on this series”
    Very much the same. Fruits Basket has really been hitting all of the right marks for me. I have a feeling we could have at least 2 more seasons, even tho i dont know how long exactly the manga is. But with the way its going, im more than happy to watch many more seasons of this. As for this episode, well said about haru. My favorite moment was saki’s “heroic” attempt at running xD big strength of fruits basket seems to be introducing characters that are instantly likeable, or even characters whose stories can make you cry within a single episode, as was the case for me with episode 7.
    Also, love your style of reviewing with the questions, really cool idea

    • Thanks, I’ve been tweaking the format for a little while now. I think this gives me a bit of balance by trying to make me look at the good and not so good.

      And yeah, Saki looked all set to run the race and then, such an unfortunate injury so soon into it. I love the way they keep teasing that she knows more than she should.

      It’s amazing that they can introduce a character and make you care so quickly, especially someone as mysterious as Haru. Still, I can’t get enough Shigure. He’s hilarious.

    • And i think it would make the whole review writing more fun to be honest.

      May i also just note how fitting her voice actor is, really an amazing job each episode.

      How many of the zodiac signs have we not seen yet now i wonder? 4 or 5 i think?

    • Absolutely. It’s more fun and easier, which I think helps make it fun.

      Agreed. Saki just shines on all levels.

      I think we’ve seen seven so far. Rat, dog, cat, boar, dragon, rabbit, ox. That just leaves the tiger, goat, horse, snake, monkey, and rooster. It’s going to get interesting that’s for sure.

  2. I like the structure and style of your episode reviews.
    This episode kept me constantly smiling. You’re right, Haru is awesome and I hope he sticks around. Did you notice his voice is the same as Saitama from OPM? (Furukawa Makoto)

    • Thanks. I find there are a number of benefits to the formatting . They’re quicker and easier to put together as I can look out for the highlights as I watch and it keeps me balanced. I have to at least try to think about the good and not so good.

      Haha. That’s wildly appropriate. If Haru starts worrying about coupons, we need to be concerned.

  3. It was really fun this episode with the lighter moments balancing nicely with the more serious moments and I just loved all the characters. If any episode was going to convince me a Fruits Basket reboot was a good idea it would be this one because I just can’t think of anything that didn’t work here.

    • Agreed, this was probably the cleanest episode so far and all have been pretty good too. All the character shone in this one and are so different. I’m still amazed at how much I’m enjoying this one.

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