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After collapsing at Shigure’s house, Rin is reluctant to let Tohru look after her. So much so, that she’s prepared to jump out of the window to escape. However, the more you know Tohru the harder it gets to walk away!

What happened?

Admittedly, Hatori had to stop Rin from going out of the window by grabbing her. She settled down, but then Tohru came to see her before going to bed to give her a bottle of water. Rin asked her why she was looking into the curse and why she was meddling in things that didn’t concern her? Tohru told her that it did concern her and that she had things that she couldn’t give up. Finally, Rin jumped out of bed and ran out of the front door. She tripped on the flagstones and lay on the ground sobbing.

She could feel the energy that Tohru gave off and she so desperately wanted to let herself be overcome with it. Tohru reminded her of Haru and she didn’t want to take advantage of her or get her in trouble. Finally, Tohru knelt down beside Rin and placed a hand on her shoulder to comfort her. Rin spun around and wrapped her arms around Tohru and told her that she was going to lean on her. That she needed her. Tohru visited Rin in the hospital several times after where they eventually got around to talking about the curse and what to do next.

Fruits Basket Episode 44 Rin distraught

What did you think?

I have so many thoughts right now! The moment that Rin accepted Tohru and told her that she was weak and powerless and needed her help was incredible. We’re watching two people that have been alone for so long, both determined to do it on their own and not be a burden on others come together. I think it’s as touching a moment for Tohru as it was Rin. Shigure knew the power of the moment and tried to use it to slip a little more advice toward Yuki and Kyo. He’s always up to something.

It’s utterly amazing how this series is able to hit you with an emotional gut-punch like that and then a scene later leave you rolling on the floor with laughter. The way Kimi asked Yun-Yun to come to the meeting over the school P.A. system was hilarious, but it was the brief interaction between Haru and Kakeru that made the whole scene that much better. It’s as if everyone around Yuki gets it, but he’s still not quite there yet.

My final thought, for now, is that I’m absolutely delighted to see Tohru pushing things forward. I was so worried that she would continue to drift around making everyone happy by just being there, but to see her actively working towards her goal of breaking the curse is wonderful, especially now that she has a partner like Rin.

What have you learnt?

This series, whether you’re looking at the makeup of the story, the animation, the music, the direction, is a masterpiece. Everything about it is incredible and I say that fully admitting that this is not my genre of choice. I’m always advocating the idea that you should watch/read wide and outside of your main genres of choice and this is the series that fully justifies that belief. There’s so much to be learnt from Fruits Basket that no matter what you’re writing, you will be able to take something away from this. For me, characters are what give the stories life and this series has it in abundance.

Fruits Basket Episode 44 What can't Tohru give up

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    • Yeah, it’s just incredible. That moment when Rin turner and embraced Tohru was so powerful.

    • I loved how they showed that scene too with the sun rising and the boys all stood watching from a distance. I could hear Shigure’s mind working. Is this part of his plan or a happy accident?

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