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For White Day, the Somas are treating Tohru to a trip to the hot springs. It was Momiji’s idea, but Yuki and eventually Kyo agree to come too.

What did you watch?

This was episode 11 of the remake of Fruits Basket. I’ve been wondering for several weeks now exactly how long this series was going to be. Well, some information has finally leaked out and it looks like there will be sixty-three episodes… I had no idea the commitment I was getting myself into when I agreed to review this series. I’m just hoping it’s not in one go. I like it, but I will need a break.

Fruits Basket Episode 11 Tohru

What happened?

Momiji is coming to stay at Shigure’s house for the night and he chooses this moment to tell Tohru that he is going to take her to the hot springs for White Day, a day when men should repay the girls that got them chocolates for Valentine’s Day. This is handy as Tohru spent all her money buying chocolates and couldn’t even afford to pay her monthly instalment for the school trip.

This left the other Somas feeling pretty guilty, and so it should. It’s not enough that she cleans and cooks for you ungrateful layabouts! Anyhow, Yuki and Kyo agree to go to the hot springs too, which is run by a member of the Soma family whose son is the monkey.

Fruits Basket Episode 11 Tohru And Guilty Somas

What did you think?

It was another fairly lighthearted episode although it did have some serious moments that I’ll get to later. There were also some very funny moments which I’ll also get to. I was a little disappointed that we didn’t continue on the dark voyage of discovery with Shigure, but I’m sure we’ll get there.

Fruits Basket Episode 11 Kyo and the Hostess

What was your favourite moment?

Yuki and Kyo were playing table tennis and all Kyo wanted to do was smash the ball at Yuki as hard as he could. Tohru tried to diffuse the situation by offering to play Kyo. He warned he wasn’t going to go easy on her but then hit a fairly slow and timid serve. Tohru shaped her body and threw everything she had into the return and completely missed the ball by several seconds. It was so funny, it was the first time Yuki had ever laughed… ever!

Fruits Basket Episode 11 Tohru Table Tennis

What was your least favourite moment?

There was a segment in the episode where Momiji recalled a story in a book they were reading at school. It told the tale of a travelling idiot who was so kindhearted and gullible that she ended up giving away everything she owned but was still grateful for the thanks she received. Momiji said that the other kids a team school thought it was funny, but he felt that the travelling idiot was inspirational. Now, obviously this was all in reference now Tohru. I found the whole thing quite sad really.

Fruits Basket Episode 11 The Travelling Idiot

Who was your favourite character?

It has to be the hostess of the hot springs. She was hilarious, like some sort of haunted spirit that seemed to appear exuding a dark aura. There were several good moments, like in the hot springs with Tohru or as they were waiting for the bus, but the best was when the others were joking that Kyo wanted to sleep in the same room as Tohru. She was not amused by that!

Fruits Basket Episode 11 Kyo And Hot Spring Hostess

Who was your least favourite character?

Once more, this is a tough one, especially as the characters seem to be one of the strengths of the series. Momiji is probably the most annoying, but it was funny to find out that he’s only a year younger than Kyo and Yuki and that he and Haru are joining their high school.

Fruits Basket Episode 11 Yuki and Momiji

Would you like some more?

I am absolutely ready but please not all sixty-three in a row. I’m sure there will be a break, especially as the title page shows season 1 on it. How’s long that’ll be is still unknown, but as long as Shigure is being wildly inappropriate, like buying Tohru a pink maid costume, I’ll be here.

Fruits Basket Episode 11 Shigure's Gift

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