Infinite Dendrogram (Episode 9) – The Beginning of Madness

Infinite Dendrogram Title

Mr Franklin explains the extent of what he has planned and it’s not looking good for anyone. With all the Master’s trapped inside the arena, it’s up to the rookies to take the fight to Mr Franklin and his monsters!

What happened?

A number of monsters have been planted all around the city and Mr Franklin has set up a scenario where they can stop them, but it also seems like a hopeless task designed to set them up to fail. It’s only when Ray touches the barrier trapping them inside that he realises he can pass straight through it. That’s when Shu notices that the barrier is the same as the arena and as masters under level fifty can’t take part, it will allow them to pass through. Ray leads a team of rookies against the turncoat masters waiting outside. If only they’d known that the rookies were this dangerous!

Meanwhile, Marie Adler vanished and has somehow tracked down Mr Franklin. She even hit him pretty hard and made off with the princess, but Mr Franklin was able to transfer the damage to his monsters and is determined not to lose to the Superior Killer!

Infinite Dendrogram Episode 9 Ray leads the charge of the Rookies

What was your favourite element?

Marie Adler has always been a bit of a mystery and her reaction to Shu was no exception. Thankfully, we now have a little more information about her. It turns out that she knows the princess and is actually incredibly powerful. She may even be the renowned Superior Killer, although that is yet to be officially confirmed. The best thing about this is she’s like Neo in the Matrix. She has definitely got a lot cooler. I also really enjoy Ray and his friends taking on the turncoat masters and showing them what they’re capable of.

Infinite Dendrogram Episode 9 Marie Adler

What have you learnt?

I like that the characters in this series are offering us quite a bit of variety. Mr Franklin is a schemer and obviously has lots planned. The fact that he’s taken an interest in Ray makes me think that he will become important in this scheme and in more ways than just being a thorn in his side. I am still loving Rook and Babylon and I think it’s a brilliant idea to have him being a pimp and not knowing what one is. If he gets strong enough he could become the pimp superior and, honestly, that’s something I want to see. This series has had its ups and downs and this episode was definitely an up. Hopefully, it’ll continue for the remaining episodes.

Infinite Dendrogram Episode 9 Babylon

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