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Infinite Dendrogram Title

Ray and Nemesis meet up with Rook and Babi to discuss the player-killers who have all mysteriously vanished. Luckily, Marie Adler joins their discussion and others to sell them some info!

What happened?

It turns out Marie Adler is a journalist that is able to sell them some information about the sudden disappearance of the player-killers. Curiosity gets the better of Ray and he offers to pay. Rook then insists on paying half. We learn that there are three player-killer guilds and each one was destroyed by a different party. Figaro took out one, a religious group another, a fearsome martial arts master obliterated the third, and the final group, the ones that killed Ray were attacked by a mysterious player with a battleship, but somehow escaped. Later Ray and Nemesis bumped into Cheshire who gave Ray a piece of advice before they left for another town. Also, it turns out that Rook took on the job of a pimp, although he thinks its some kind of monster tamer…

Infinite Dendrogram Episode 3 Ray Nemesis Rook Babylon and Marie Adler

What was your favourite element?

After criticising the show last week for doing an awful lot of telling and not much showing, they seem to have taken this on board and decided to show us how the player-killer guilds were destroyed thanks to Marie Adler. This was excellent, but also kind of a letdown. The first clip we saw was of Figaro dispatching some crazy looking players and that was epic. I loved it. Figaro is a monster. After that, however, the clips went down in quality with the next couple of bunches of player-killers looking like a bunch of rookies in comparison. It’s almost as if they ran out of time with the character designers. It was definitely better seeing stuff happening though.

Infinite Dendrogram Episode 3 Lei-Lei Prodigal of Feasts

What have you learnt?

Apparently a large part of playing VMMOs is sitting around having meals and drinking tea! I can’t believe how often this group seems to be sitting around doing nothing. Seriously, what is going on? I can almost understand it in BOFURI as that is a CGDCT series, but this seems to be out of place and a rather odd thing for players to be doing. Personally, I’d sooner be in a field of slimes, grinding my levels and acquiring skills. I’m not sure what I’m going to take from this episode, but I’m definitely not going to be adding extra meal scenes to any of my stories. I will admit I do have one and it’s a fairly long one, but people die and there’s a lot of political posturing. In Infinite Dendrogram, it seems to be the home of exposition.

Infinite Dendrogram Episode 3 Cheshire Ray and Nemesis

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    • That’s Lei-Lei. She is one of the Superiors and the big monster was a regular looking person until she hit him. She has some Fist of the North Star style moves that make people explode when she hits them…

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