Somali and the Forest Spirit (Episode 3) – The Sea at the Bottom of the Cave

Somali and the Forest Spirit Title

Somali and the Golem continue their search for other humans which takes them to a small town buried within a series of canyons. To earn some money, Golem takes a job as a waiter, leaving Somali to play with her new friend.

What happened?

The Golem is worried about money and the time it will take them to find other humans. As such, he ends up taking a job as a waiter to earn some cash. Luckily, the owner of the restaurant has a son, Kikila who is happy to have someone to play with. They spend their time colouring and playing games, but Somali is desperate to explore. Finally, the Golem allows Somali to go out with Kikila to complete a task for the owner. Somali has some concerns of her own that are weighing down on her. Luckily, Kikila has a plan to help her.

Somali and the Forest Spirit Episode 3 The Golem as a Waiter

What was your favourite element?

As usual, this is a special series to watch. I love the wonderful attention paid to the development of this fantasy world, complete with all the races and bizarre creatures. The highlight was when Somali and Kikila went into the cavernous underground beneath the town where it looks like the bottom of the sea. There are incredible views and wondrous beasts. It was also a special moment because Somali has worked out what will happen at the end of her adventure with the Golem and she doesn’t want that. So much so, that she is determined to make a wish to stop it. It was so sad seeing her breakdown and tell Kikila her concerns.

Somali and the Forest Spirit Episode 3 Somali and Kikila under the City

What have you learnt?

It’s not so much something that I’m learning from this episode, but it’s something that it reinforced. Children understand far more than they let on. Somail may be a young girl, but she knows that the Golem plans to leave her with some other humans and she doesn’t want it. It’s interesting that the Golem hasn’t asked her what she wants, especially as that seems like the logical thing to do. Once more, we also got another glimpse into the parent-child dynamic where Somali wants to spend more time with the Golem, but he feels the need to work to accomplish something that she, herself doesn’t want. There are lots of interesting parallels with real life in this series.

Somali and the Forest Spirit Episode 3 Somali finds a Wishing Flower

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