Infinite Dendrogram (Episode 12) – King of Destruction

Infinite Dendrogram Title

Ray managed to thwart Franklin’s plans once more and that means he’s going to have to step things up and reveal his trump card – a massive mobile factory full of monsters that he is to unleash upon the City!

What happened?

Ray was pretty beat up after fighting against the Ray Starling Killer. He won, but could barely stand after the fight ended. Franklin was not happy that Ray had once more defeated him. He tried to activate the monsters, but Marie Adler had already recovered all the hidden eggs and concealed them. That left Frankin with only one more plan to put into motion. With a click of his fingers, his superior embryo revealed itself. The giant mobile monster factory appeared before the city walls and released a wave of monsters. Franklin revealed that they wouldn’t stop until they’d destroyed everything in the city. When Ray got up and attempted to fight back, along with a cloaked Marie Adler, Franklin set two behemoths loose. Ray was ready to sacrifice himself to defeat one when his brother entered the battle!

Infinite Dendrogram Episode 12 Franklyn's Superior Mobile Monster Factory

What was your favourite element?

Well, that had to be the moment that Shu stepped into the fight. We’d heard a lot about Ray’s brother and up until this point only seen hints at his true power. It’s been fairly hard to take him seriously with the big bear suit on, but those days are far behind us. Seeing Franklin analysing Shu’s stats and noticing that it was all in his strength, it made no sense that he could defeat all of the monsters with no agility whatsoever.

Figaro explained the situation to Xunyu back in the arena as the waited for the last sleeper agents to join the fight. Shu was able to predict the monsters’ attacks and simply placed his attack at the point where they wouldn’t be able to change the attack, no doubt from his years as a professional martial artist. Either way, watching him destroy everything was awesome.

Infinite Dendrogram Episode 12 Shu the King of Destruction

What have you learnt?

In these sorts of shows, it’s not uncommon for the hero to suddenly pull a new skill or powerup out of nowhere at dire times. I actually liked that Ray knew he wasn’t going to make it and was prepared for that if it meant stopping the monster. Then, rather than getting the powerup, he was rescued by his brother which felt like a much more natural way for this fight to go. So, what I’m taking away from here is that there are any number of ways to keep things flowing without suddenly bestowing the hero with yet another badly timed powerup. I love my fight scenes and nothing is more unsatisfactory than the cheat victory.

Infinite Dendrogram Episode 12 Ray facing off against Giant Monster

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