Infinite Dendrogram (Episode 11) – The Right Arm of the Victor

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Rook attempts to defeat Hugo so that he can back up Ray, but will he get there in time? It’s not looking good, especially as Ray has to defeat Franklin’s RSK to stop the blob monsters from destroying Duel City.

What happened?

Rook’s life outside of Infinite Dendrogram was revealed to be fairly interesting. His father was a detective and his mother a thief. They each trained him in the arts of their professions but never forced him to pick one or the other. However, when they died in a plane crash, he discovered that he had never made a decision for himself and was lost. Then, in his father’s office, he found the headgear and a note asking his father to investigate Infinite Dendrogram. That was all the push he needed to discover his calling. Rook then used his abilities to work out the limitations of Hugo’s embryo and used it to defeat him.

Meanwhile, Ray was fighting against the RSK within which Franklin had hidden the control to release the monsters into Duel City. All Ray had to do was defeat the RSK, but that’s not going to be as easy as it sounds. RSK stands for Ray Starling Killer and it would appear that Franklin has a grudge and isn’t too happy that Ray interfered with his last plan, which was to kill Liliana Grandria back in episode one.

Infinite Dendrogram Episode 11 Rook and Babylon

What was your favourite element?

At first, I was certain I would be talking extensively about Rook in this section. Not only is he a pimp, but his backstory was cool and the way that he analyzed Hugo and even came to the conclusion that Hugo was a girl was excellent. Well, that all had to take a step back when the true depths of Franklin’s plot were revealed. It would appear that everything that had transpired to this point was a follow up to Ray thwarting Franklin’s plan in episode one. I love it when stuff comes together and you can clearly see the steps in the plan in retrospect. Admittedly, this one isn’t an overly complicated plan, but I appreciate just how far Franklin is going to make a fool of Ray. It does look like it’s going to backfire though, so that will be fun to watch, too.

Infinite Dendrogram Episode 11 Ray attacking the RSK

What have you learnt?

When I write fiction, I always work from an outline. It’s usually a number of bullet points that act as markers for major events and I then write what happens between them as I go. This helps to make things flow, but it also allows me to do my best to foreshadow and link things together. I think it also works on a subconscious level as sometimes, things just seem to happen. That’s probably why I enjoy seeing the results of this sort of planning in other works of fiction. It shows a level of care and consideration to the audience and it also helps to remove the appearance of one of my least favourite things – the Deus ex Machina!

Infinite Dendrogram Episode 11 Ray and the RSK which will burn first

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