Infinite Dendrogram (Episode 2) – Tomb Labyrinth

Infinite Dendrogram Title

Shu treats Ray and Nemesis to a big meal to welcome them to the VRMMO, Infinite Dendrogram and the congratulate them on completing their first quest, giving Shu a change to bring Ray up to speed.

What happened?

Mid meal, Ray has a couple of warnings pop up on his display. Shu tells him that the headset monitors his body while in the game, letting him know when’s he’s hungry or needs to take care of some urgent business. Ray leaves the game briefly to get things in order and when he returns, Shu informs him of the recent war with a neighbouring country. During the war many Tians died, however, the main reason appears to be that many ranking players, including the top-ranked ones, refused to take part. There is likely another war coming and Ray is determined to help, but first, he’ll need to get stronger and choose a role.

Infinite Dendrogram Episode 2 Shu Ray and Nemesis

What was your favourite element?

I think the most interesting part of this episode was when the player killer attacked with a swarm of what looked like Aliens! It was interesting to see Ray and Nemesis pushed to the edge, especially considering how easily they’d defeated the monster in the first episode. Seeing him die in the game was unexpected and gave us a chance to see the effects of that. Admittedly, the freeze-out idea is nice, but if I’d spent a lot of money on the gear and the game only to find that I couldn’t play it for twenty-four hours, I would be pretty annoyed. It would be better if there were in-game restrictions like no skill points or levelling up for a period of time. At least then you could continue to play.

Infinite Dendrogram Episode 2 Ray and Nemesis attacked by a Player Killer

What have you learnt?

This episode wasn’t quite as good as the first one, but I’m still enjoying it. The biggest issue I had was with the way that the exposition was handled. I mentioned in my last review of Somali and the Forest Spirit about how using conversation to deliver exposition was useful, but in this instance, there were so many ways that they could have shown us the same thing and it would have been far more effective. The country didn’t seem to be recovering from war at all, but it would have been easy to show that. It would have been far more impactful than having Shu tell us everything over dinner.

Infinite Dendrogram Episode 2 Ray and Nemesis meet Figaro

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