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Kyo is preparing to run away again. How could Tohru still feel the way she did after what he said? However, Yuki has somewhat of a heart to heart with him and sets him in the right direction. There’s just one thing Kyo needs to do!

What happened?

After Kakeru revealed to Kimi that Yuki sees Tohru as his mother… Saki and Arisa arrived at the student council office with some questions. Yuki told them where Tohru was and how to find her. Of course, they went there immediately and ran into Akito coming out of Tohru’s room. Akito spoke to them about what happened and apologised, saying that it was her fault but Tohru wouldn’t accept it.

They confirmed Tohru’s belief back to her and then Saki pointed out that Akito was a girl. Akito also apologised to Arisa about Kureno and told her that he was here too because she stabbed him. That was when Arisa realised that Akito was the other woman that Kureno couldn’t leave behind. She went to see him and asked him what he was going to do next. He planned on leaving otherwise Akito would never forgive herself. Arisa was ready to go wherever he went.

Yuki and Shigure came home to find Haru sitting in the lounge. Then, they heard a noise from upstairs. It had to be Kyo. Yuki stormed up there and told Kyo off for not visiting Tohru. Kyo revealed that he failed her. That just made Yuki mad. He kicked Kyo through a wall and yelled at him for not being a superhero. Of course, he was mocking Kyo for not realising that he made Tohru happy and that was what mattered here most.

Fruits Basket Episode 60 Yuki

Ironically, Kyo wanted to be Yuki and Yuki wanted to be Kyo, but neither had had the courage to say it out loud. Yuki pointed out that they could only be themselves and that Kyo should take the advice of someone that he admires and go see Tohru.

Kyo left Shigure’s house and on his way to the hospital decided that he should do one thing before he sees Tohru. He returned to the Soma estate for the first time in ages. The first time since his mother died. He visited his father who was holed up in his self-imposed prison, drinking and blaming others for his actions. He called for someone to take Kyo away and imprison him in the Cat’s house, but Kyo refused.

With that out of the way, he went to see Tohru and arrived just as Saki and Arisa brought her outside. He took one look at her and all of his doubts vanished. He knew what he needed to do. He knew that he loved her. Tohru saw him, turned, and ran as fast as she could. Saki and Arisa tried their hardest not to laugh as Kyo ran after her.

Fruits Basket Episode 60 Kyo

What did you think?

I enjoyed this episode so much more than the last one, which I’m still not entirely sure how I feel about it. Regardless, let’s move on. I’m continually amazed at how forgiving everyone is in this series. Arisa hugged the woman that admitted to stabbing the man she loved. Saki didn’t do anything to Akito for what she did to Tohru. Kureno is about to move away to protect the woman that stabbed him. These are all clearly better people than I. Not saying I would have done anything, but I would be stewing and raging inside.

Of course, then we had the scene with Kyo and his father, who shows us just how reprehensible some of the parents in this series are. He basically killed Kyo’s mother and then pinned it on a child. I don’t know how old Kyo was there, but there’s no age that it would be acceptable. I’m glad he’s locked himself away and is probably going to drink himself to death. That made Kyo’s announcement that he’d be back that much more surprising.

Anyhow, everyone is very forgiving! However, the moment that Tohru turned and ran after seeing Kyo was hilarious and I’m with Saki and Arisa in that I wanted to laugh so hard. But then there was this shot almost immediately after. I think it captures everything this series is about. There’s joy and sadness, accepting and letting go. It’s perfect!

Fruits Basket Episode 60 Saki and Arisa

What have you learnt?

There are a lot of school dramas in anime, and other mediums too, but I think this series has shown me why that is. It’s not that we’re all wishing we were back in school. School really wasn’t that much fun. There were good times and terrible times, our hormones are all over the place making everything that much more exaggerated. However, it was the time when we probably had the biggest group around us.

I don’t have any close friends from school. Sure, I have lots of old Facebook friends, but that’s not the same. At that time, we were constantly surrounded by people and then as we come to the end of school, everyone starts to separate, going to university, working, travelling. All of a sudden, we’ve gone from talking to a large group of people to being alone in the world, trying to move onto the next step.

That’s how I see the curse working in Fruits Basket, and now that it’s starting to break, people are feeling more alone than ever before. The bonds that had been formed by this situation are fraying, people are growing up and moving on. Some will get left behind, some may even stay together going forward, but things will definitely change. It’s scary and exciting all at once. Coming to the end of Fruits Basket has reminded me of that, and for that I am thankful.

Fruits Basket Episode 60 Arisa

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  1. I am not sure how I feel, either. I still want to smack old lady with a rotting fish. My sense of justice has gone unfulfilled, but it is what it is. I still really love this show even though, as you mentioned, everyone is just too dang forgiving!

    • For sure. It’s been an amazing show and these are some fairly small issues in the big picture.

      I have no sympathy for Akito or the old lady. We’re they really trying to make us sympathize with her and her being stuck in her ways?

  2. They can be forgiving, more so than someone like me, for one very good reason.

    The Light of Tohru.

    She affects everyone around her. As proof: Which character in this episode never met Tohru? That’s right — Kyou’s “father.” And we see how he turned out!

    • You forgot the ™️! Feel like I’m going to have to watch something dark next to get out the pent up anger…

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