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Tohru has been spending a lot of time with Kyo lately and that’s mainly Akito’s fault as the other Somas are ordered to visit with the family head every day. She doesn’t seem to mind, although Kyo’s actions trouble her more.

What happened?

Akito continues to monopolize the zodiac Somas time, keeping them away from the summer house and Tohru. Each day it’s someone else’s turn to spend it with Akito. Haru seems to be taking it in his stride although he can’t even look at her. Some comments about Kureno meeting with Tohru seem to amuse Akito and respond with more cruel taunts. Kyo and Tohru continue to enjoy their time at the beach and this time, Tohru shows Kyo how to build a sandcastle… well, a sand mountain anyhow. Akito spots Tohru and Kyo enjoying themselves and appears to up the game by demanding the Shigure brings Kyo with him tomorrow. Meanwhile, Tohru has a run-in with Rin. Luckily, Yuki is there to defuse the situation. Trouble looms.

Fruits Basket Episode 33 Akito

What did you think?

My reaction to this episode is similar to Kagura’s at the beginning of the episode. Last season, Shigure was my undoubted favourite character and while he’s always been a little devious and manipulative, it always seemed like fun. This season, he appears to have taken a much more catty (I know, what irony) approach to it and I’m not enjoying it as much. It was undoubtedly another excellent episode and I just want Kyo to go full cat monster on Akito in the next episode and bite her head off. I can only presume that everyone bows down to Akito because of some lineage factor, like Kim Jong Un. That’s one of my pet peeves, any sort of inherited titles really wind me up.

Fruits Basket Episode 33 Kagura kicking a door in

What have you learnt?

The first thing I noted is that Tohru really needs to learn what voluptuous means, because Rin, while attractive is definitely not voluptuous. The girl is tall and skinny. Quite frankly, Tohru has a more voluptuous figure that Rin. Anyhow, back to talking about Akito. My theory is and has been since we first met Akito is that Akito is a girl. I try to avoid using pronouns so that the casual viewer won’t get caught up in my theory and if it were true, I’d hate to ruin it for anyone. So, Akito… she is a massive bitch! She twists and pulls at people’s insecurities and laughs while doing it. I’m not sure what Shigure’s game is with all this. At first, I thought he was looking to change the status quo but now, it appears that he’s just looking to cause trouble. So, what have I learnt? I’m not sure, but I’m just hoping that I’m absorbing all of the interesting concepts. This series is excellent.

Fruits Basket Episode 33 Rin

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