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Kaname’s friend, Shinozuka has been kidnapped by the Eighth and then want Kaname to come and fight Wang to get him back, at least, that’s what they say they want. The Sunset Ravens put together a plan and try to get Shinozuka back.

What happened?

With their plan in action, they arrive at the location to find that the police has already cornered the Eighth and is planning on arresting them. Kaname decides that they have to act now as the police will be helpless without Sigils. He’s not wrong! Keiichi comes out of the warehouse to confront the police and punches the first officer’s head clean off. Meanwhile, Shuka has delivered a cellphone to Shinozuka with it already dialled to Kaname. He tells Shinozuka to accept the invite to D-Game on the phone. After doing it, Shinozuka gains a Sigil which is a strong form of telekinesis, but will that be enough to get away from Wang and the Eighth?

Darwin's Game Episode 10 Kaname couldn't Save his Friend

What was your favourite element?

With the end of the season coming and a showdown with the Eighth seeming imminent, I was a little worried about Kaname and his overwhelming desire to end all conflicts without any bloodshed. Surely, even he could see that it wasn’t an option with the Eighth and frankly, no one is going to mourn a gang of criminals that make a habit of killing people. So, I was a little disappointed to see that Kaname still tried to go down that route. Of course, Wang didn’t comply and had already taken care of Shinozuka. It would appear that this was the final push Kaname needed to take the game seriously. The next episode should be good!

Darwin's Game Episode 10 Kaname's gone Psycho

What have you learnt?

I learnt that I’m already missing Xuelan. Surely, they didn’t just bring her in for one episode and not use her in the final battle with Wang. They can’t do that. Can they? Personally, I hope not. It’s one thing to show that she is her own person and has her own agenda to deal with, but I really hope she swoops in and helps the Sunset Ravens out. It’ll be even better if that was part of the plan, to begin with. Anyhow, we have just one episode left and I have thoroughly enjoyed this series. There have been some awkward moments and clumsy dialogue, but on the whole, the action has been good and we also met Xuelan.

Darwin's Game Episode 10 Wang

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