Darwin’s Game (Episode 7) – Eighth

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Rein heads towards the station at the centre of the event, having left the Florist to deal with the Eighth, but they split their forces and Wang is waiting for anyone that might have an idea as to the real treasure.

What happened?

The Florist continued his fight against the Eighth that were invading the hotel. He’d taken out most the foot soldiers and was left facing the two generals and their powerful Sigils. They managed to injury the florist badly, but he escaped before they could finish him off. However, they tracked him down just before he died, which was fine because he wanted to see the expression on their faces when he brought down the entire hotel around them.

Meanwhile, Rein arrived at the station and realised that the Eighth was there already, searching for the treasure. They didn’t have the entire code as the diamond ring was at the hotel, but Wang had figured out enough. Rein tried to escape but Wang caught her and broke her arm while interrogating her. Luckily, Kaname and the others arrived and rescued her. Wang wasn’t about to give up though and was just about to kill Ryuji when Kaname revealed himself and appeared to have a plan.

Darwin's Game Episode 7 Rein making Plans

What was your favourite element?

I’m not entirely sure how the Sigil system works or if there are any in-game enhancements, but it there isn’t it looks like Wang is cheating. He can teleport short distances and use his hands like samurai swords. That’s two abilities in my book. Anyhow, we got to see just how much of a monster Wang is when he broke Rein’s arm. It was interesting that her Sigil couldn’t predict his movement, but does that mean, he has another skill? I get the feeling he’s not going to be an easy villain to beat, especially as he is the type of lip-licking psychopath that seems to keep coming back for more no matter how many times you put them down.

Darwin's Game Episode 7 Wang catches Rein

What have you learnt?

I’m enjoying all the twists and turns in this series, but I’ll be the first to admit that it’s not perfect. There are some fairly clumsy lines of dialogue that wouldn’t even be that easy to fix. For example, the Eighth gang member that smells Rein thanks to his Sigil didn’t need to explain it to us the way he did. He could have easily said that he smelt a girl and then have the guy with him make some joke about him being a pervert and always using his Sigil to sniff out the girls. It wouldn’t have taken much and there’s certainly room for improvement. I think this goes to show that even if you have an interesting idea with some good plot elements, you still have to think about the basics, characters, dialogue, and conflict. If you get those right, they can make any story shine.

Darwin's Game Episode 7 Kaname's Bluff

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