Darwin’s Game (Episode 8) – Fragile

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Kaname is stuck in a standoff with the Eighth and Wang doesn’t seem to be prepared to negotiate. It’s not looking good, but then the prospect of claiming the special prize associated with winning the event is too tempting!

What happened?

Kaname shows Wang a key and explains what it’s for and how he came to the realisation of where the grand prize is. Wang has no interest in negotiating and is prepared to take it just as he takes everything else. Of course, Kaname had prepared for that and materializes a gun and points it at the key. The prospect of missing out of the prize is finally too much for Wang and he agrees to let Kaname live in exchange for the key. Kaname tosses the key into the air and turns towards the locker control panel, tapping in the code from the diamond ring. Wang realises that the key isn’t what Kaname said, but it’s too late. Kaname has won the game. Everyone else is teleported away from the event, leaving Kaname to have a rare chance to talk with the game’s developer.

Darwin's Game Episode 8 Kaname Wins

What was your favourite element?

I liked how they used Ryuji’s Sigil to show us that Kaname was lying. I think it was pretty obvious, but I liked the dynamic of Ryuji looking for a moment to kill Wang as Kaname distracted him with his story about the safe deposit box. Then as Wang’s eyes were locked on the key flying through the air, Kaname tapped the code into the locker access panel. I wondered if he knew that everyone else would be teleported away once it was open or not. It was quite the gamble really as it could have just been yet another clue to another part of the event. Either way, I enjoyed the tension and the bluffing. It was a fun way to end the event.

Darwin's Game Episode 8 Kaname's New Plan

What have you learnt?

One thing that always annoys me is when someone is deliberately muted to maintain a mystery. In this instance, it was when Kaname was talking with the developer of D-Game and was discussing a wish that he could have granted. We hear the entire conversation, but then it goes quiet when Kaname makes his request and we then hear the developer say that he could do that. I find this infuriating. There has to be a better way of maintaining a mystery without suddenly changing our ability to hear a conversation for one line of dialogue. I’m fine with the mystery and putting off telling us something, but it feels like the conversation has been censored and that’s just lazy in my mind.

Darwin's Game Episode 8 Shuka Bathing

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