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Wang thinks he’s won, but all he’s only managed to awaken a slumbering beast. What had originally been a simple rescue turned into an extermination mission with the Eighth being the pest to be eradicated.

What happened?

Kaname lost it, but not in the way you might think. He shot the Eighth gang member with his gun pointed at him and then phoned the rest of the Sunset Ravens to tell them the goal had changed. He even apologised for being so naive, to begin with. Then with everyone on board, Kaname made quick work of the gang members surrounding Wang. As more approached, he charged in without any fear and quickly killed them as Ryuji took care of the ones approaching from behind.

Wang was furious and charged at Kaname, teleported behind him, and prepared to cut, but Kaname knew it was coming and waited as Shuka intercepted him. She drew him off to fight in another location and then taunted him as he told her what he was going to do to her and Kaname. Then, as he began his attack, something unexpected happened. Somehow he sliced his on leg off. He tried to attack again, but this time his arm sliced off. Shuka revealed that as a part of her Sigil she can control anything chainlike. That included tiny wires that she could vibrate at a frequency capable of slicing through bone.

Desperate Wang managed to teleport away, but Kaname was waiting for him. Then, with no other option. Wang surrendered, ending the Clan Battle. This is, of course, where Kaname revealed the nature of the special advantage he gained from winning the last event. He was able to raise the stakes of the battle, effectively going all in and as Wang couldn’t match the stake, he lost everything including his life and that of the surviving members of the Eighth!

Darwin's Game Episode 11 Kaname's Lets Loose

What was your favourite element?

After the ending of the last episode, it was clear that this one was going to be epic and I’m so happy that it was. Darwin’s Game started off average and quickly picked up the pace to become a lot of fun. Then as it continued, it got better and better and the final episode, as it should be, was by far the best. We got to see Kaname at his calm and collected best, just as Xuelan had seen in him, and we finally got to see why Shuka was known as the Undefeatable Queen. The way she toyed with Wang was incredible. I do wonder why we didn’t see that side of her when she faced Kaname back near the beginning of the season, but I don’t mind because Wang truly deserved it. This was a great ending to a thoroughly enjoyable season.

Darwin's Game Episode 11 Shuka shows Wang who's boss

What have you learnt?

I loved the way this season built up. It started fairly slowly with a fairly standard idea, but it slowly built on it, adding in new characters and explaining the mechanics of the game. There’s obviously a lot more to be learnt and I hope we do get a second season because I will definitely be up for it. It really goes to show that you don’t have to rush the idea and reveal too much too soon. The slow build-up, which got faster as the season progressed allowed us to get to know enough about the characters and their actions that the final part played out without there being any point where it didn’t seem natural. I was fully invested in this episode and it just flew by. There needs to be more.

Darwin's Game Episode 11 Kaname and Shuka

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  1. Wasn’t this episode just a blast?

    “I do wonder why we didn’t see that side of her when she faced Kaname back near the beginning of the season, ”

    I think he just completely took her off guard. And now, they make a great team.

    Really hoping for a second season!

    • Definitely. This episode was on fire the whole way through. I hope we get another season. This has been one of my favourites from the season and I wasn’t expecting it at all.

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