Ao-chan Can’t Study! (Season One)

Ao Chan Can't Study Title

Desperate to escape from her life with her embarrassing father, Ao Horie has dedicated herself to her studies, hoping to get into a school far away, but then there’s a boy…

Ao-chan Can’t Study! (Season One)

What did you watch?

This was the second series I covered on before it went down. So, until it comes back, I’m going to host the posts here. Like Why the hell are you here, Teacher!?, Ao-chan Can’t Study was a series of half-length episodes. I picked both of them at random simply because of the ecchi category tags, although this one doesn’t really belong in the same category as Why the hell are you here, Teacher!?. Anyhow, let’s dive into the review which will contain spoilers.

Ao Chan Cant Study Episode 2 Ao Trying To Not Look Sexy Fail

What happened?

When Ao was four she told her class how her father came up with her name and it certainly wasn’t appropriate for four-year-olds. Her father is a world-renowned erotica author and as such sex is very much a normal part of life for the Horie household. So much so that Ao is determined to move away at the first opportunity she gets.

To ensure that she gets into a university far, far away, she has focused everything on her studies. Nothing will distract her from her goals. Nothing, I tell you, Nothing! Except, there is this one boy called Kijima and he’s taken an interest in her. She’s determined to brush him aside, but one thing leads to another. It probably doesn’t help that Ao has a particularly dirty mind and generally leaps to erotic conclusions.

Ao Chan Cant Study Episode 7 Ao Embarrassed

What did you think?

One of the things that I really enjoyed with this story was how Ao had been so focused on brushing aside Kijima, that she created a situation where he was determined to respect her and not make any move of any kind. Sadly, as Ao’s feelings changed, she grew increasingly frustrated with his lack of effort. Why wouldn’t he kiss her? She’d even worked out all of the possible chances that they’d had and couldn’t work out why it hadn’t happened. It just shows that people need to be more open about what they want.

Ao Chan Cant Study Episode 10 Ao Celebrating Kijima Becoming Cheerleader

What was your favourite moment?

There were lots of great moments such as the meat festival or the beach episode, however, I think the final episode was excellent. It was a great way to end the season and also featured the moment that Ao and Miyabi almost kissed in a crowded cafe. The looks on everyone’s faces when they realised what was going on was priceless. I bet her father wishes he had been there…

Ao Chan Cant Study Episode 12 Ao And Miyabi Almost Kiss

What was your least favourite moment?

For this one, I think it’s when Miyabi tried to steal Kijima from Ao, especially how she sent her a photo of the two of them in a compromising position. It was quite an underhanded move from someone who used to be her close friend. Then, she tried to move things forward even quicker by taking Kijima to a love hotel. It was sad seeing Ao witness that, especially as she ran off before it reached its conclusion.

Ao Chan Cant Study Episode 4 Miyabi And Kijima At Love Hotel

Who was your favourite character?

I loved Ao, but there was one character that stood out even more. Saying this is quite surprising, especially as he was probably my least favourite character after the first episode. I am, of course, talking about Ao’s father. He was drawn in a chibi style and had a squeaky voice. However, whenever he got serious, and it was usually when he was talking about sex, his voice changed, making him sound like the protagonist of an erotic adventure story. He was absolutely hilarious.

Ao Chan Cant Study Episode 1 Ao's Father The Erotica Author

Who was your least favourite character?

For a long time, Kijima was a bit of a bore. Then as things went on, you started to understand why he was holding back. Ao had pushed back so much that he dare not make another move without her saying so. Of course, he didn’t tell her that and she didn’t tell him that she wanted him to try again. Why won’t they talk about their feelings! Anyhow, Kijima was my least favourite, but I still liked and understood him.

Ao Chan Cant Study Episode 5 Kijima The Virgin

Would you like some more?

I ended up really enjoying this series, however, I think it has nicely wrapped things up. Sure, they could make more with Ao at university, and if they did I would watch it, but it’s also good how it is now. That makes this series an easy one to recommend as there are twelve twelve-minute episodes and then you’re done. A complete story. You don’t get that too often with a full-length season.

Ao Chan Cant Study Episode 10 Kijima Wishes Ao Good Luck

What have you learnt?

I think the real reason that this series was so enjoyable was that it was pretty easy to relate to the main characters. I’d imagine that most people that watch this show either were or currently are teenagers. That’s a pretty good starting point, especially as this series is focused on a love story between two teens as they try to navigate relationships and school. Who can’t relate to that?

One thing that I find helps you enjoy a series is how well you can relate to the characters and what they are going through. It’s always the little details that remind you of your life that pull you in. As soon as you can identify with an event or situation, it makes it that much easier to buy into the story and the characters. If you can make the audience care about the characters, you’re on to a winner!

Ao Chan Cant Study Episode 12 The End

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