Ao-chan Can’t Study! (Episode 12) – Ao-chan Can’t Study

Ao Chan Can't Study Title

Ao seeks advice from Miyabi but then reveals that she and Kijima have never even kissed. Reluctantly, Miyabi offers Ao some help, but will she be able to get Kijima to make a move?

Ao-chan Can’t Study! (Episode 12) – Ao-chan Can’t Study

What happened?

Unsure of how to move things forward, Ao goes to Miyabi for advice. She says that if they haven’t kissed then it’s not real. Ao has no idea how that would go and asks Miyabi how to kiss! Later, Kijima helps Ao put away some books. She asks him to see her after school…

Kijima finds Ao in their classroom and stands before her, determined to not force her into anything. If only he knew. Eventually, Ao can’t stop herself and kisses Kijima. It’s good, but now she’s embarrassed that she made the first move. Kijima puts her at ease and then kisses her back.

The next day, having thought of nothing else, Ao overhears some girls talking about kissing and how experienced someone must be. Suddenly, Ao is filled with insecurity about how many people Kijima has kissed before. She doesn’t know how to react and needs some time alone. Kijima catches up with her and reveals that it was his first kiss too. She’s unsure, but then he kisses her…

Ao Chan Cant Study Episode 12 Miyabi Showing Ao How To Kiss

What did you think?

All right! I thought this was the perfect way to end the series. When I started watching it, I certainly didn’t think it would be a romance or that I would get into it quite so much, but it has been a fun series that has grown on me. The humour improved week by week and the characters developed in believable ways. In the end, this was well worth watching. It was light on ecchi content but the sexual humour more than made up for it.

Episode highlights

Miyabi’s Kissing Advice!

Ao Makes a Move!

Ao Can’t Focus!

Kijima Makes a Move!

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