Ao-chan Can’t Study! (Episode 7) – Ao-chan Can’t Handle the Beach

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Ao has managed to get a place at a prestigious study group at a hotel beside the beach. In order to make sure she doesn’t miss it, she gets there nice and early and bumps into Kijima and Miyabi…

Ao-chan Can’t Study! (Episode 7) – Ao-chan Can’t Handle the Beach

What happened?

Ao is still upset that she couldn’t keep up pretences and let slip that she too is a virgin. What’s even worse is her current obsession with Kijima is affecting her grades. Thankfully, she’s been extra good and her father has paid for her to attend a prestigious study group which will surely get her back on track.

The study group is at a hotel beside the beach and as Ao doesn’t want to be late, she gets there several hours early. Unfortunately, she bumps into Kijima and Miaybu who convince her to join them on the beach. Miaybi runs a beach shack and has the perfect bikini for Ao.

When Kijima sees Ao’s bikini he takes her into the water, far away from prying eyes. At first, Ao is worried that he was up to something, but then she comes around to the idea, and even gets a little hopeful!

Ao Chan Cant Study Episode 7 Ao Embarrassed

What did you think?

All right, it’s the beach episode! And not just that it was excellent. The set-up was fun and then we had a brief bikini session before Ao went into the water. The best part of this episode was when Ao decided that she wanted to have sex with Kijima in the sea and she thought that he did too (man, she has a dirty mind), but when he leaned in it was so that he could paddle her back to the beach for her study group. Her face was priceless.

Episode highlights

Beach Swimsuit!

Beach Bikini!


Wardrobe Malfunction!

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