Ao-chan Can’t Study! (Episode 3) – Ao-chan Can’t Protect Her Lower Half

Ao Chan Can't Study Title

Ao doesn’t want to go on the school trip. She’d much rather stay at home and focus on her studies, something that her father finds unacceptable!

Ao-chan Can’t Study! (Episode 3) – Ao-chan Can’t Protect Her Lower Half

What happened?

It’s time for the school trip and Ao would rather stay at home and study. In truth, she’s worried about interacting with the other students on a non-educational event, especially Kijima. Her father, however, is refusing to let her skip it. He thinks it’s a vital life experience and that she shouldn’t waste her youth.

Once there, Ao does her best to avoid all the others until she bumps into Kijima. Some of the other girls hear them talking and decide to have a room party. Ao thinks this is a terrible idea and could lead to an orgy! She decides to tell Kijima not to accept the invitation, but when she gets to his room, no one is there. Kijima and his friends return and in a moment of panic, Ao hides in a closet.

While trying to get something out of the closet, Kijima unknowingly strokes Ao’s thigh. Wondering if it might be a cat he opens the closet to find Ao on all fours purring! Instead of the party, the students end up having a walk of courage to a nearby shrine. Ao and Kijima go together, but then Ao’s skirt gets caught in her panties and Kijima ponders the best way to tell her!

Ao Chan Cant Study Episode 3 Ao Pretending To Be A Cat

What did you think?

There were a few funny moments in this episode, notable Ao pretending to be a cat and Kijima trying to stop Ao from showing her panties. Of course, she misunderstood his intentions and thought that he wanted to have sex with her. She really has got a dirty mind that constantly leaps to the worst possible conclusions. That said, this series still hasn’t blown me away yet. It’s fun, but the jokes generally aren’t funny enough to carry the episode on their own.

Episode highlights

The School Trip!

In the Closet!

Panties on Display!

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