Ao-chan Can’t Study! (Episode 9) – Ao-chan Needs More Than Fantasy

Ao Chan Can't Study Title

With her relationship with Kijima finally over, Ao can now focus on studying once more, so why can’t she get him out of her head?

Ao-chan Can’t Study! (Episode 9) – Ao-chan Needs More Than Fantasy

What happened?

It’s over. Kijima won’t even talk to Ao anymore since she asked him not to interfere with her studies. It’s what she wanted, so why does she feel so sad? After a weird encounter with one of her father’s creepy dolls, she decides that maybe studying will take her mind of Kijima. Yabe offers to help, but even he can’t stop her from thinking about Kijima.

After punishing Ao by making her wear a cat-girl maid cosplay, Yabe goes outside for some fresh air and runs into Kijima who desperately wants to talk to Ao. Yabe agrees as long as it’s done how he wants it done. Kijima agrees.

Ao is still upset by the whole ordeal and takes out her frustrations on the packaged creepy doll, but it’s actually Kijima. He emerges from the wrapping paper, having heard all that she is dealing with and says he’ll go and never bother her again. Just as he’s about to leave her room, she stops him and asks him to stay…

Ao Chan Cant Study Episode 9 Ao Wait

What did you think?

This episode had a lot of heart, but also a lot of fairly weird things which is to be expected in Ao-chan Can’t Study. Firstly, her father’s creepy doll was just a little too weird and then he filmed Ao and Kijima at the end of the episode. He’s wildly inappropriate, but he’s also hilarious. It was nice to see Kijima actually make a move, even if Ao had to give him some directions. Now that Kijima has become one of her goals, you can bet she’ll get what she wants.

Episode highlights

Surviving Without Kijima!

Studying Away the Heartache!

Punished for Failing to Concentrate!

Take out her Frustrations!

Don’t Leave!

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