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Kazuma finds out that he has a fan, and not wanting to disappoint her, he accepts a hard quest and then manages to convince everyone else to come with him. This quest will reveal some hard truths!

What happened?

While trying to look cool at the guild, Kazuma discovers that he has a fan and she wants to hear all about his adventures. Of course, Kazuma is all too happy to tell her everything, with his own unique spin on things. So when the guild receptionist approaches Kazuma with a dangerous mission, he accepts so that he looks cool in front of his fan.

Kazuma heads back to the mansion and tries to convince the others to come with him. Darkness is sold on the idea of fighting something big and hard… while Megumin is easily convinced when Kazuma praises her explosion magic. Aqua, however, has no intention of coming until Kazuma takes her staff. When they get to the ancient ruins, they are met by a giant robot and not a golem as expecting.

KonoSuba Episode 22 The Golem

After Darkness takes a bit of a battering physically and emotionally, Megumin manages to hit it with an explosive attack, although she was determined to keep it as a pet until Aqua promises to make her one that’s cooler. The robot is destroyed, but then it activates a self-destruct sequence and the group only just make it out alive. It was an interesting quest, not least because of how the robot attacked Darkness…

KonoSuba Episode 22 The Golem attacks Darkness

Back at the guild, Kazuma tells his fan all about the latest adventure, but then gets convinced to go on another one to explore the same ancient ruins. They also get to keep any gold they find which convinces Aqua to go. Inside, they find all sorts of weird artefacts and a journal belonging to the creator of the ruins and the robot. He was a human from Japan that was also reincarnated to this world and given the power to make whatever he could think of.

However, instead of defeating the devil king, he decided to try to make a robot girlfriend. When that didn’t work he went out and got a job, eventually building the Destroyer! After returning from this quest, Kazuma goes to tell his fan but overhears her talking with the guild receptionist about her latest quest to help motivate Kazuma and his party…

KonoSuba Episode 22 Kazuma's fan and the Guild Receptionist

What did you think?

This was a great episode. It had so many brilliant references to the previous episodes, not least the fact that we learnt more about the creator of the Destroyer. I couldn’t stop laughing at how much of a loser this guy was. It all tied together brilliantly, and then when they found the robot girlfriend, it just got funnier.

However, all that was nothing compared to the real main story of this episode and that was the fake fan and how the guild had put a quest together to motivate Kazuma to do more. This is the last of the episodes so far, but I hope that we get a season three at some point. There’s just so much more story to be told, and I’d just be happy hanging out with these guys some more.

KonoSuba Episode 22 The Robot

What have you learnt?

The fake fan quest was actually a brilliant idea and it really felt like something the guild would do. They have a party with three top ranked adventurers and Kazuma that has defeated three of the devil king’s generals and the Destroyer. This party is almost unstoppable. Of course, they’d want them to do more. However, they’re all also a bit crazy and will quite happily sit around and drink rather than do anything dangerous.

The main idea for this series is amazing and I can’t help but be amazed at the way it’s been put together. This series really is far cleverer than it appears. There must be more!

KonoSuba Episode 22 Aqua Attacks

What is Aqua wearing?

In episode twenty-two of Konosuba: God’s Blessing on this Wonderful World!, and since we’ve already answered this question, it seems imperative that I present yet more evidence. To fair, this episode had a lot of evidence in it, but I thought that you would prefer an image that requires you to zoom in on Aqua’s bum to see the answer for yourself. It’s a great series, and Aqua is definitely not wearing panties!

KonoSuba Episode 22 Darkness Kazuma Aqua and Megumin

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