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Yun-Yun receives a letter from her father with dire news about the Demon King’s army. There’s also something about having a child with a simple adventurer to fulfil a prophecy and ensure the Demon King’s demise!

What happened?

Of course, Yun-Yun believed that Kazuma was the simple adventurer and asked him… no, begged him to have a child with her. This surprised Darkness, Megumin, and Aqua, although Kazuma assumed he was moving into his popular phase. After Megumin inspected the letter from Yun-Yun’s father, she too was worried for her home village. However, the second part was the first page from a work of fiction. Kazuma was dejected… Aqua calmly pulled up his pants and carried on…

Yun-Yun headed off to the village of the Crimson Demons at once. Megumin, however, needed a night to think about it before decided to go help. Luckily, Wiz was able to teleport them near to the Crimson Demon’s village. Unfortunately, they landed near the orc settlement and since all the male orcs had been extinct for some time, the sight of Kazuma whipped them into a frenzy. He truly was in his popular phase…

KonoSuba Movie Legend of Crimson Kazume and Orc Girls

They managed to get away thanks to Yun-Yun who found them running from the amorous orc girls. However, they then got caught up with some goblins… or a goblin army to be more precise. Luckily, more Crimson Demons came to their aid and after some interesting introductions, they teleported to the village. Yun-Yun met with her father who revealed that nothing was wrong and that was just how they wrote letters there.

Kazuma wanted to punch him, but then the alarm sounded that the Demon King’s army was attacking. They all ran to help but quickly found out just how strong the Crimson Demons are. It was embarrassing for the goblin army. However, not long after witnessing the massacre, they ran into Sylvia, the Demon King’s General. Kazuma was able to talk her into running although he told her his name was Mitsurugi Kyouya.

KonoSuba Movie Legend of Crimson Yun-yun's Dad

With all the excitement out of the way, they went to Megumin’s house and met her parents who assumed that Kazuma and Megumin were a couple. Kazuma had some explaining to do, but then accidentally told them about the money he’s going to get from Vanir and suddenly their opinion of him changed. It went so far that Megumin’s mother trapped Kazuma in a room with Megumin who was sleeping.

After some shady decision from Kazuma, Megumin took them on a tour of the village where they saw the factory that housed the ancient weapon that was the nemesis of the Crimson Demons although no one has ever gone inside. Megumin bought some new cloaks, although Kazuma was surprised to see the shopkeeper using a rifle as a clothesline. Later that night after Megmumin’s mother again trapped Kazuma, they were interrupted by Sylvia who kidnapped Kazuma.

KonoSuba Movie Legend of Crimson Sylvia catches Kazuma

She took him to the factory and was unable to open the vault. However, there was an old games controller and Kazuma couldn’t help but enter the infamous cheat code… you know, Up, up, down, down, left, left, right, right, etc. The doors opened. This was Kazuma’s chance, he pushed Sylvia in and locked the door. If only it was that simple.

Sylvia merged with the Mage Killer and went on a rampage, nullifying the Crimson Demon’s magic. Meanwhile, Aqua, Megumin, and Kazuma learnt the truth of the Crimson Demons and returned to help Yun-Yun who was distracting Sylvia. It looked like they had won, but then Sylvia returned with the powers of Hans and Beldia. This was when Kazuma was forced to come up with his most insane plan to date… but will it work?

KonoSuba Movie Legend of Crimson Kazuma Aqua Darkness and Megumin run from evolved Sylvia

What did you think?

This movie was fantastic and fit perfectly with what we’ve experienced so far from KonoSuba. The humour was on point with the orc-girls and Megumin’s parents really taking centre stage. That said the Crimson Demons were hilarious too. I was literally laughing from beginning to end. There was one point where I think it gave away everything too soon, but that may have just been me. The factory was obviously built by someone from Earth and that had to be the guy that made the Destroyer. Yeah, that guy!

Either way, it worked and it just kept getting funnier and funnier. I loved the greetings from the Crimson Demons and how they reacted to Kazuma doing his own greeting. I don’t think I can give this movie enough praise. If you like the series, you will love this as it’s everything you would expect and some more.

KonoSuba Movie Legend of Crimson Yun-yun and Megumin team up

What have you learnt?

So, they literally used the literary device known as Chekhov’s Gun. In the first act, we met the shopkeeper and saw the gun that he was using as a washing line. Then, in the final act, that gun was used as it was the anti-mage killer. It’s a simple thing, but it made me chuckle even though I knew it was coming.

KonoSuba Movie Legend of Crimson Kazume aims Railgun

One of my favourite things about this series is how everything they do builds on what’s already happened in the prior episodes and it just gets worse and worse. There are no coincidences or accidents, everything happens because of something they did. It just makes the story that much more satisfying. There is nothing more annoying than handy coincidences that undo all the good work done so far.

KonoSuba Movie Legend of Crimson The Explosion End

Who is Sylvia?

Normally, I would be looking into Aqua’s outfits and trying to uncover some truths. However, in the movie, I couldn’t help but notice Sylvia – the chimaera. She was a mix of races and creatures, genders and pretty much everything else. She was also quite a stunning character and as such, I have decided to dedicate this section to Sylvia. Because, why not!?

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