KonoSuba: God’s blessing on this wonderful world! (Episode 10) – Final Flame for this Over-the-top Fortress!

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With the Destroyer approaching rapidly, the adventurers gather at the city gates. Their odds of success are slim, nothing has stopped it before. Luckily, they have the crazy girl… But, will that be enough?

What happened?

At long last, Kazuma gets to find out what the Destroyer is, and it’s not something that he’s excited about, especially as it’s heading towards them. Aqua and Megumin are ready to abandon everything and make a run for it, but Kazuma refuses to give up on his house that he’s worked so hard to get. The head to the guild to see what can be done.

It turns out the Destroyer is an ancient weapon that has been on a rampage since it was first activated, destroying the people that built it with its first act. Since then, it has wandered the world destroying everything in its path. Everyone in the guild is worried, but then Kazuma asks Aqua if she can break the spell shielding it. That sounds great if she can do it, but what then?

KonoSuba Episode 10 Aqua Spell Break

Suddenly, they remember that they have the crazy girl and her explosion magic. Megumin doesn’t take too kindly to being called crazy and isn’t sure that it would be enough. That’s when Wiz runs in and offers her assistance, under her fake backstory as an arch-wizard. It looks like we have a plan. Now we just need to see if it’ll work.

As the Destroyer comes into view, Aqua unleashes her spell and after some screaming, breaks through the Destroyer’s protection. It pushes forward. Darkness is stood in the field between it and the city, but surely she can’t do anything about it. Wiz and Megumin both cast an explosion spell on the Destroyer and bring it crashing to the ground, just before it can get to Darkness.

KonoSuba Episode 10 Megumin and Wiz Explosion

Immobilized, the Destroyer activates its self-destruct sequence. It looks like the city will be destroyed anyhow. However, Darkness charges into the Destroyer. The other adventurers see this and rush to help. Maybe they can destroy it before it explodes. Wiz, Kazuma, and Aqua find the control room along with a skeleton and a diary. It was the creator of the Destroyer who appeared to have built it almost by mistake and had no way to stop it.

They find the core. Wiz only has time for a quick transportation spell which would send it somewhere at random. Kazuma says that they should do it. He will take responsibility, hoping that his luck will save them. Wiz drains some of Kazuma’s magic and then performs the spell. It worked, but now the Destroyer is trying to release its pent up energy. The only way to win now is to blow it up, but Wiz and Megumin don’t have enough magic.

KonoSuba Episode 10 Darkness faces the Destroyer

What did you think?

This was an epic ending to a great season. I’d mentioned several times how everything keeps coming together perfectly, and this was the ultimate confluence of events. One of my favourite things that it revealed was why there appeared to be so many experienced adventurers in the novice city. It was because of the Succubus shop… lol!

On top of that the visuals in this episode was incredible. As soon as the OP started playing as Aqua fired her spell at the Destoyer, you knew it was going to be epic. I loved every moment of this episode.

Then, we discovered that the core of the Destroyer that Kazuma told Wiz to send away randomly, blew up a lord’s mansion and that made Kazuma a wanted criminal. He just cannot get a break.

KonoSuba Episode 10 Wiz sucks Kazuma's magic

What have you learnt?

So, I joked about the last episode being the pinacle of the foreshadowing, but in reality it was this episode. Everything came together perfectly, even the events of the last episode became somewhat relevant. There are two ways to achieve this sort of effect. Either you start by knowing the ending and working backwards, or what often happens, and this is a bit of a trade secret, is that it’s all an accident… I know, right! Amazingly, as you put a story together, things will naturally build upon one another. Then, when all is said and done, it appears to create foreshadowing. Obviously, that’s not completely true, as the process often requires some touch ups, but that’s the jist of it.

KonoSuba Episode 10 Megumin Explosion Twice in one day

What is Aqua wearing?

In episode ten of Konosuba: God’s Blessing on this Wonderful World!, we’ve reached the end of the first season and still have no conclusive proof to confirm or deny the existence of Aqua’s panties. At this stage, it’s feeling a little bit like Shrodinger’s Panties. Until there is proof as to which it is, they both simultaneously exist and don’t exist. Maybe, we’ll find the answer in the OVA. Otherwise, it’s on to season two.

KonoSuba Episode 10 Aqua tells Kazuma Knights have come to see him

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